From U5 to U14–a look at Hannah’s AYSO soccer days.

Tweet In the fall of 2006, I escorted the most excited four-year-old ever to the soccer field for the first time. Well, not the first time she’d ever been at a soccer field – I’d been chasing her off her older sister’s practice and game fields since she was a toddler. This was the first […]

This kick…

Tweet Yep, this exact kick, caught on film (so to speak) for posterity. You have to understand that this kick was a fluke in more ways than one. I have never before seen my kid attempt to put any part of her body in front of the soccer ball during the eight seasons that she […]

Reminiscences of a soccer mom…

Tweet I never truly thought much about it back when Abbi was four years old. “Let’s sign her up for soccer!” I suggested to my husband. I don’t exactly remember why, although I’m sure it had something to do with wanting to help work out all the energy she had, get her into some kind […]

Soccer Mom-hood

Tweet I am a soccer mom – and proud of it too. This is our ninth year in a row of having at least one (or more) kids playing soccer through our local AYSO region, and also my third year of volunteering on the regional board as Girls Registrar. It makes for a hectic time […]

Never say Never

Tweet If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout this whole process with Hannah’s knee tumor it’s to never count on any answer being the ‘final’ one. The whole process has been a rollercoaster and every time we think everything’s done and taken care of (for now), we get referred to yet another specialist. Not that […]

Wordless Wednesday – End of spring sports…

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Sick, sleep and soccer

Tweet That’s been about how things have been going lately… We’re four weeks into the soccer season and so far we’re surviving multiple practices and games every week – and juggling Girls on the Run practice for the older girls as well. It’s very busy in the evenings right now – and I’m actually very […]

Starting off Spring Soccer Season

Tweet There’s one very definite sign of spring in our house – soccer gear gets pulled out, sorted through and organized in preparation for what are six rather busy weeks. Busy, but in a good way. I really don’t mind at all being a ‘soccer mom’ – I enjoy seeing the girls having fun out […]

Wordless Wednesday #207 – Summing up the fall soccer season…

Tweet This year we had all 3 girls playing AYSO soccer, in 3 different age divisions, playing in 3 different locations every week. Overall we had beautiful weather this fall with only one game called on account of bad weather (hail in this case). Here’s a quick summary… Some Saturdays were cold: Some were windy: […]

It’s a soccer-full life…

Tweet At least it is for right now – between practices and games we’re at the soccer fields a lot. The girls love it though – they never complain about going to practices or to their own games (they’re not always thrilled to go to each other’s though). Week One of soccer went off without […]