Blowing off the dust over here…

Tweet It’s been a while, hasn’t it! Since I’ve posted on either of my sites, that is. I last posted on last October and it had been much, much longer ago for this site. I recently decided that I needed to recombine and put everything back into one place. One blog. Just me, writing […]


Tweet Well, after 4+ years of blogging, I have now had my first experience with having my sites (all 3 of them) hacked. Although it turned out ok (obviously since you’re reading this), it still was very scary for a little while there, to think that all of my hard work might be in jeopardy. […]

Happy New Year (and new blog design too)!

Tweet So I’m up way (way) too late, but I’ve been excited to finally have the new theme almost ready to go – and so I’ve been sitting here working steadily until it is, as near as I can tell, perfect. 🙂 Isn’t it pretty? I love the theme (Modern Blogger from the StudioPress Marketplace) […]

Updates and Changes for the New Year!

Tweet Wow, it’s 2011 already – and the New Year is always a good time to re-assess and look at how things are going and what can be updated/improved.  🙂 I’ve made a few decisions lately that will affect how this site runs, so thought I’d introduce those here. No worries, I’m not going anywhere […]

The 2010 Holiday Gift Guide is coming!

Tweet The holiday season is quickly approaching – or even really already here if the retail stores are any judge.  🙂 I’m also noticing that it’s looking a lot like Holiday Gift Guide season all over the Internet, and I’m no exception here at Just a mom’s take on things…. Below is a description of […]

And we’re back!

Tweet So, wow it’s been a little while, hasn’t it… I was having so much trouble even just accessing this site while it was still hosted on the previous server that I gave up even trying to post anything for the last week or so. But everything has been migrated over to the new hosting […]

Ch-ch-ch-changes… Maybe?

Tweet So I have first an apology and then a question for all of you.  🙂 The apology deals with the amount of down time that this site has been experiencing lately. Unfortunately it’s something that’s beyond my control and I’ve been working with the hosting company to get it fixed. If you do get […]

Yikes, they’re gone!!!

Tweet Ugh, I have no idea what happened, but somehow every single currently running giveaway that was entered into my listings has disappeared – which is why you don’t see anything showing up on the main page of this site at the moment. They are completely gone out of the actual database that the listings […]

To you and yours…


Taking a sick day…

Tweet Yep, we’ve gone from me being sick a few weeks ago, then Abby being sick all last week (but back at school today – woo hoo!), and then my voice disappeared over the weekend while Hannah, Becca and I were visiting my friend Mary. Last night after we got home, my lingering cough got […]