Ending the School Year 2016

Tweet I know I say this every year – as does every other parent of a school-aged child, but really? Where did this school year go? It seems both like yesterday and also so far away that we sent the girls off to three separate schools for the first time. Juggling kids in high, middle […]

NonVerbal Learning Disorder

Tweet Now that we’re through the mess of a year that was 2015 and Hannah is through with her intensive chemotherapy treatment, we’ve had the chance to focus on some other areas that had gotten largely ignored for a while. One of these is my youngest daughter, Becca. When Becca was younger, she was a […]

The evolution of a snowman

Tweet Day 1 of above-freezing temperatures = slightly drippy icicles… And an 8-year-old who is excited to be able to be outside for more than a few minutes at a time and to play in snow that has enough moisture in it to be good for packing… And for snowman-building. 🙂 The best way to […]

Soccer Mom-hood

Tweet I am a soccer mom – and proud of it too. This is our ninth year in a row of having at least one (or more) kids playing soccer through our local AYSO region, and also my third year of volunteering on the regional board as Girls Registrar. It makes for a hectic time […]

(Not very) Wordless Wednesday – Bubbles!

Tweet Now that my girls are getting older, they don’t break out the bubble wands the same way that they used to. But my youngest recently spent a tooth fairy dollar on a very cool bubble tube thingy where you wave the wand to create the bubbles instead of blowing. She and her oldest sister […]

Wordless Wednesday – End of spring sports…

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Once upon a time…

Tweet There was a kindergartner who got a brand-new notebook one day. Tempted by the empty, white pages, she immediately decided that a story must be made up and written down upon them. She thought and thought. And wrote and wrote. After her story was finished, she added an illustration. And filled in a few […]

Popcorn and ‘Sprite’ Day

Tweet When my just-learning-to-read, youngest daughter leaned over my shoulder to see what I was looking at on my phone the other day, I didn’t think much of it – other than to shoo her away and point out that reading over other people’s shoulders is rude. Which it is, but that’s not the story […]

Labels and more labels

Tweet So I haven’t been taking a blogging break – at least not on purpose. I just got swamped for a couple of weeks with another project – one that I took on this school year, now that my youngest is getting older and I have a little more time that I can help out […]

Wordless Wednesday – Sixth Birthday Party

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