Tweet Has it really been fifteen years since the day that we brought our firstborn daughter home from the hospital? Back then it was impossible to imagine what she would be like as a little girl, running around, with hair… 🙂 Nowadays it’s difficult to remember back to the baby, toddler, preschooler and kid that […]

She’s Thirteen!!

Tweet Once upon a time… a beautiful baby girl was born. She grew tall… And loved to have fun every day – in rain… Or shine.

A decade ago…

Tweet I gave birth to a sweet baby girl – my second daughter, Hannah. It was Black Friday 2002 and obviously I didn’t get any shopping done that day. But I ended up with the best holiday gift of all – and she’s been a dramatic, funny, sweet, caring, cute, lovely and 100% Hannah-ish addition […]


Tweet I remember back to when I was a kid – my favorite number was 11, and I couldn’t wait to turn 11 years old. There was just something so cool about the ‘double ones’… Fast-forward thirty years and I’m now the 41-year-old mother of an 11-year-old. And in some ways that feels really strange! […]

Wordless Wednesday – Sixth Birthday Party

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She’s six!

Tweet Saturday was a very special day in our house – my youngest daughter turned six years old. Six! As her dad pointed out, she’s now more than one whole hand old – and she’s thrilled about that. For a little girl who constantly seems to be trying to catch up to her big sisters, […]


Tweet When Hannah was born, I was suddenly a mom of a toddler and a newborn, trying to juggle two in diapers, bottles, and how to be the mom to TWO beautiful little girls. When Hannah turned one, I was getting settled into a new house in a new city, commuting back to my job […]

Abby, age 10

Tweet I realized recently that I’ve been a naughty mommy blogger. For the past several years, pretty much since I started blogging in 2007, I’ve always done a Thursday 13 post about each of the girls for their birthdays. I like these posts, because it’s a good way to look back and remember what each […]

Double Digits

Tweet So it’s official – Abbi is 10! Her birthday was yesterday, but it was a very full weekend in general. On Friday we spent the day cleaning and organizing for her party – and acclimating to having a brand-new, pretty freaked out little puppy in the house. That evening my friend, Mary, came up […]

What we’ve been counting down to…

Tweet Today is officially the day – we will bring our new puppy (Tessa) home this afternoon, after the big girls get out from school. I’m both excited for and sort of dreading having a puppy in the house – one thing’s for certain, life is definitely going to change around here. And quickly. Along […]