NonVerbal Learning Disorder

Tweet Now that we’re through the mess of a year that was 2015 and Hannah is through with her intensive chemotherapy treatment, we’ve had the chance to focus on some other areas that had gotten largely ignored for a while. One of these is my youngest daughter, Becca. When Becca was younger, she was a […]

One step at a time

Tweet Every so often I learn something about one of my children that just makes so much total sense that I can’t believe why I never figured it out before. You know – one of those ‘aha’ moments… I had one of these yesterday with Abby. If you’ve been reading here for a while, you […]

Bloggers Unite for Human Rights – Thursday Thirteen style

Tweet I struggled for a while to decide what direction to take when I posted about this today. There are so many human rights issues out there and all of them so important to address in some way. But in the end, given that this is a blog written by a mom, I decided to […]