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I remember during my first pregnancy that after the initial excitement waned, the first thing I wanted to do was to run out and buy out the ‘pregnancy and birth’ section of the nearest bookstore. However, I restrained myself and purchased only a couple of general information books – and these are the ones that I kept and have referred to when necessary during my subsequent pregnancies as well. And they were – adequate. They presented information and answered my questions. But that’s about it.

Now just to get it out there – no, I am not pregnant right now. But, I have gone through three successful pregnancies (and one miscarriage), and was very interested to check out The Joy of Pregnancy by Tori Kropp.

What it is:

The Joy of Pregnancy is a comprehensive guide to pregnancy, birth and the first post-partum weeks. The book is divided into ten chapters – each covering a lunar month of pregnancy (the last chapter covers the early post-partum period). Written by a Perinatal Registered Nurse who has attended over 2,000 births, the book’s purpose is to put the pregnant mom’s mind at ease about so many of the common questions and concerns – so that she may concentrate on just enjoying her pregnancy and everything about the experience.

Each chapter contains information about the growing baby, what changes the mom can expect in her own body, several of “Tori’s Tips” (quick little notes highlighted for easy reading), a question-and-answer section, and a short “Dad’s Corner” with information aimed at and related to concerns and questions that the guy in your life might have about his impending fatherhood.

The last portion of the book contains an afterword by the author, a glossary of terms used, an index, and several appendices with lists, checklists and additional resources for parents-to-be.

The book’s synopsis reads:

Women today are celebrating pregnancy like never before. The new attitude of expectant moms is one of cheerful anticipation, optimism, and pride in their changing bodies. The Joy of Pregnancy reflects this positive spirit by emphasizing what’s normal, fun, and even funny about pregnancy. In a lighthearted and encouraging tone, Tori Kropp helps mothers- and fathers-to-be concentrate on the miracle of pregnancy and birth rather than on possible complications. The month-by-month format provides the essential information that expectant parents crave: how the baby is developing, how the mother’s body is changing, how to prepare for birth and baby, and the pros and cons of various pregnancy-related choices and issues. Tori’s tone is reassuring, nonjudgmental, and often humorous. Questions and answers from her online community Stork Site®, highlighted tips, and facts make the text fun to read as well as informative. With this book by their side, expectant parents will be prepared to take an active role in ensuring a healthy, happy, and truly joyful pregnancy.

Here’s my take on it:

I wish that someone had taken me at the beginning of each of my pregnancies and just told me to forget about all of the things that could possibly or potentially go wrong and just relax and enjoy being pregnant. I suppose the fact that my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage may have left me as a bit more of a worry-wart, but those amazing nine months that seem to take so very long when you’re in the midst of waiting for you baby to be born fade so quickly into the sleep-deprived memory of new motherhood, and I wish I could’ve spent more time remembering that.

Looking at this book while NOT being pregnant was interesting. I think I was able to give it a more objective evaluation because of that, and since a lot of the information the book contains was familiar to me from other sources. Even as an ‘experienced’ mom though, I still found most of this book to be relevant and informational. And I really like the easy way that everything’s presented in a simple and concise format. The question-and-answer sections show that no matter what you’re feeling – someone else has and will feel the same thing too, so you’re not alone. And the author is very personable in these sections and throughout the rest of the book as well.

Having the sections aimed at fathers is a wonderful way to help new dads feel more included in what’s happening with their significant others and unborn children. The book truly is a resource for couples to utilize together.

The bottom line:

This book is a great resource for pregnant moms, whether with your first baby, or subsequent ones. The author’s underlying attitude about enjoying and savoring every moment of pregnancy is truly a refreshing one to see, and good advice to take as well.  🙂

About the author:

Tori Kropp, R. N. is a Perinatal Registered Nurse and an international figure in the field of women’s health, pregnancy and early parenting. She is known as the “Dear Abby of Pregnancy” and has helped deliver thousands of babies.

Tori is particularly passionate about the need for women to balance their lives. The years throughout pregnancy and raising young children are critical life stages during which women need the support of other women through their shared experiences. Her mission is to help women make sense of what they learn and to apply what’s right for their own lives. “It is so important, in the current climate of our culture, to come to a place of greater lightness and humor, especially in approaching the joys and challenges of pregnancy and parenting.”

You can also check out Tori Kropp’s blog and get to know other expectant moms at the StorkSite.

Where can you find it?:

The Joy of Pregnancy is available in hardcover (for $26.95) and paperback (for $14.95) from Amazon, or other retailers (both on and off-line) where books are sold.

Would you like to try it?:

Since I am not pregnant (and have no impending plans to become so), I am giving away my review copy of The Joy of Pregnancy by Tori Kropp. I hope that this book can benefit an expectant mom out there, so if you are pregnant, are planning to get pregnant, or know someone who could use this book, here are the rules:

  1. Enter by leaving a comment on this post to tell me one special memory from when you were pregnant, or from when your baby was first born. Or you can just tell me one reason why this book would truly help you or whomever you want to win it for.  Please don’t just say ‘choose me’, or your entry will be discarded. US entries only, please.
  2. The contest will run until Wednesday, September 3rd at 11:59 pm EST. The winner will be selected through random drawing, contacted by e-mail, listed on this post and also submitted to PRIZEY.Fetch.
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Good luck! :)

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – the random number generator has chosen comment #1 as the winner:

Congratulations to Alice Hansen (no blog) who said, “I’m pregnant right now and your review of the book really struck a chord with me. I too think I might be spending too much time worrying about “what might go wrong” – this book sounds like it would be very reassuring. Thanks for the chance!“. Sometimes it does pay to be the first, I guess!  🙂  I’ll be e-mailing you shortly to work out the details.


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