Review: Mattel Fijit Friends Newbies

FijitFriendNewbies 004Last year my girls were thrilled when we had the chance to not only review one of Mattel’s new Fijit Friends, but also invite several of their friends over for a fun dance party. They still get our Fijit Friend, Sage, out on a regular basis and dance with her (which reminds me that Sage is in dire need of new batteries since they’ve worn her out completely, lol). The girls had seen commercials for some of the newer Fijit Friends products and the little Newbies were already on each of their Christmas lists for this year.

And Fijit Friends Newbies are still on their lists – because even though we’ve been reviewing them for a few weeks now, the girls keep seeing new ones that they want whenever we hit the toy aisle. I can see why – the Fijit Friends Newbies are darn cute, they sing (and get better and better as you play with them more), and even perform duets together or with our original Fijit Friend.

Courtesy of Fijit Friends and Mom Central, we were sent three Fijit Friends Newbies to try out and review. This was perfect, since we were able to divvy them up with each of my girls picking out one. These are seasonal-themed toys – we received a Halloween Newbie (perfect for Abbi, whose favorite holiday is Halloween), a Christmas Newbie, Zinzie (which Hannah eagerly claimed) and a regular pink Newbie, Kenzie (Becca’s favorite color).

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The little Newbies aren’t only cute – but they each seem to have their own personality. They hum or sing for you, and as you spend time with them (and pet them), their singing gets better and better. As a parent, I appreciate that as the Newbies learn, they move from one song to another so I don’t get totally burned out on hearing the same few tunes over and over again. The girls interact with, talk to and sing along with them, and since the Newbies are small, they’re easy to carry around the house.

FijitFriendNewbies 006It’s really  cute to watch the Newbies sing duets together – all you have to do is push their duet buttons at the same time and they harmonize together. Plus with the Sonic Chirp technology, they can interact with our original Fijit Friend as well. Sage seems to like having some more friends around, and it’s really fun to watch the girls playing and dancing with the Newbies and Sage all together. Having only one Fijit Friend has necessitated some lessons in sharing – but having the Newbies around really helps them all play together instead of fighting taking turns. 🙂

When I ask the girls what their favorite thing(s) about the Newbies are, they immediately respond, “singing with them!” Becca also likes playing together with Kenzie and her stuffed animals – Kenzie has been accepted into the flock (gaggle? kennel? or whatever else you call her massive pile of plush animals, lol) very easily. I’m not sure I would want every single one of my girls’ toys to be interactive ones like this, but I do like that these offer a level of interaction while still allowing for imaginative play. I think the only thing that drives me nuts about the Fijit Friends Newbies are the little tails that come separately – you insert them, but ours keep falling off when the girls play with them. The tails aren’t really necessary, but they are cute.

I think these will definitely be on my radar for holiday gifts – I love that Mattel is offering smaller and more affordable options of their popular toys like this. We love Sage, our original Fijit Friend, but she’s expensive enough that we just can’t justify the cost to buy one for each of our girls. The Newbies are cute, they interact with Sage (and each other), and they’re much more in our price range at around $14.99 each (at our local Target). You can find them in general where other Mattel toys are sold, and they’re also available at online retailers like Amazon (affiliate link). I love the seasonal ones – they can act as holiday decorations when they’re not being used, which the girls think is awesome. 🙂

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Fijit Friends. I received product samples to facilitate my review.

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