Review: Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock Sprays

After the long winter and cool, wet spring that we had this year, I almost began to think that we’d never get to enjoy the summer sun. But the hot weather has finally come, as it always does – and my girls and I are thrilled (my husband not so much but that’s another story, lol). ‘Tis the season for swimming, sprinklers – and sunblock as well. Finding the best sunscreen option is always an ongoing process since my family is outside a lot during the summertime. And we’re in the water for much of that time too – between our neighbor’s pool, the city pool, sprinklers and splash parks, and of course the beach. I’ve always been good about making sure to slather up my kids with sunscreen before the water adventures begin – but have always struggled with how to re-apply it to wet, squirmy kids afterward. Until now – because Neutrogena has introduced their new line of Wet Skin Sunblock sprays.

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What they are:

The Skin Cancer Foundation states “reapplication of sunscreen is just as important as putting it on in the first place” and advises to “reapply the same amount every two hours.”  Which has always been difficult to do once kids are wet, because lotion just doesn’t stick well to wet skin. Neutrogena, the #1 dermatologist-recommended suncare brand has developed a solution, however – the new Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock Sprays for adults and kids are, “specifically designed to apply and adhere directly to wet skin”. Here is more information from their website:

Kids never sit still long enough to dry off, but new Wet Skin Kids promises full strength sun protection even on wet skin. Wet Skin Kids provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and mists right on for protection from the sun’s harsh rays. Using Neutrogena’s patented Helioplex Technology, in combination with unique waterproof technologies, the Wet Skin product cuts through water, forming a protective barrier on skin and provides superior sun protection from damaging UVA/UVB rays.  Available in SPF options of 30, 50, 85 and an SPF 70 for kids, the Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock sprays will have your entire family covered.

Courtesy of Neutrogena and Mom Central, we received one can of each SPF variety of the new Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock Sprays to try out and review.

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Here’s our take on them:

It actually took a while before I could try out this particular kind of sunscreen – due to the aforementioned cool spring we’d been having, the kids just weren’t getting wet. But over the past week, I’ve had a few chances to try out the Neutrogena Wet Skin sunblocks and am very glad to have them. Not only is our neighbor’s pool up and going for the season now, but my youngest daughter and I just spent several days in the hot Arizona sun – and she spent as much time as she possibly could in the pool.

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We started off with a different sunscreen when she and I were both dry. But then considering how hot the sun was and how fair our skin is, I applied the Neutrogena Wet Skin spray a couple more times while we were at the pool. We spent several hours there that first afternoon and didn’t come away with any sunburn at all, except for my daughter’s cheeks being slightly pink. I had made one mistake – while the Neutrogena Wet Skin spray covers very well and works great for arms, legs, and bodies – I tried applying it to both of our faces (with eyes and mouths tightly closed) since I couldn’t put the thicker lotion back on once we were wet. The Wet Skin did run on our faces and end up getting into our eyes, so I would not recommend using it on faces. Thankfully, faces are fairly easy to dry quickly to re-apply sunscreen and being able to use the Neutrogena Wet Skin spray on the rest of the body helps immensely. I love how easy the sprays are versus having to slather up with lotion. And I was pleasantly surprised that sunburn wasn’t something we brought back from Arizona!

We’ve used the Neutrogena Wet Skin a few more times since – it’s great for when the kids are out the door and in the sprinkler before you can hardly utter the word ‘sunscreen’. Even though you can also apply it to dry skin, I’m using it mainly when we’re wet so I can make sure that I have plenty available when I need it most. Here’s a video that I took recently showing how quick and easy the Neutrogena Wet Skin sunblock spray has worked to apply when the kids are outside having fun:

The bottom line:

I’ve always been extremely happy with the quality of Neutrogena’s sunscreens and this one is no exception so far. I can’t say that it’ll always prevent every sunburn – no sunscreen can make that claim, nor would I even try to pretend to be an expert at what makes sunscreens work. But in my own experience so far, we haven’t been burned while using the Neutrogena Wet Skin. Being that I can apply it to wet skin helps a ton – I do make sure to re-apply often when the kids are in the pool, which is what you’re supposed to do anyway. This sunscreen just makes that a whole lot easier since I don’t have to try and dry off wiggly, squirmy, impatient kids in order to do so. So far I’ve been using the higher SPF varieties – the ‘Kid’ version with 70+ SPF is what will likely be my choice from now on.

Where can you find it?:

You can purchase Neutrogena’s new Wet Skin sunblock sprays at most retail locations where sunscreens are sold, or online directly from Right now, when you buy online you will save $2 on all Neutrogena’s sunscreen products! Click here to check out all their sunscreen products and to take advantage of the savings.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Neutrogena and received sunscreen and other Neutrogena products as a thank you for my participation.

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