(So not) Wordless Wednesday – When Dream and Fantasy meet, fireworks!

One of the most fun parts of the press cruise on the Disney Fantasy a few weeks ago was the very first time that the ship sailed by and ‘met’ its sister ship, the Disney Dream. We caught sight of the Dream a few times over the cruise, but it was the first meeting that was the coolest, because it happened the night that both ships were scheduled to set off their fireworks displays.

I have the feeling that I’m now spoiled for any other cruise line, because Disney just does everything so, so well. And it’s the only cruise line in the world with the capability to set off its very own fireworks show out at sea.

Or two fireworks shows, as we were so fortunate to be able to see that night.

We caught sight of the Dream at first from a distance, but since it was after dark by then, the ship was lit up and easy to spot…

TMOMDisney2012HTC-Day3 414 Much less easy to take a clear photo of, from such a distance and in the dark. As it got closer though, I was able to get some closer shots with my ‘good’ Canon camera that has 20x optical zoom.

TMOMDisney2012-Day3 131

And then I hit upon the settings that let me see that this was unmistakably another Disney ship:

TMOMDisney2012-Day3 149

TMOMDisney2012-Day3 175

And then soon afterward – fireworks! First from the Dream…

TMOMDisney2012-Day3 167 TMOMDisney2012-Day3 168

And then it was our turn, as more fireworks lit up the sky over the Fantasy.

TMOMDisney2012-Day3 185 TMOMDisney2012-Day3 190 TMOMDisney2012-Day3 194

Afterward, we said goodbye to the Dream, as it headed off – but I managed to catch a few glimpses of it later on from my stateroom’s verandah before it vanished completely out of sight…

TMOMDisney2012-Day3 197

Almost as if it were truly only a dream.

This cruise was a press event and working retreat for the Traveling Mom blogger network, and I was hosted for free. All opinions stated here are 100% my own.

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