Ending the School Year 2016

Tweet I know I say this every year – as does every other parent of a school-aged child, but really? Where did this school year go? It seems both like yesterday and also so far away that we sent the girls off to three separate schools for the first time. Juggling kids in high, middle […]

Super fangirl

Tweet It all started with Abbi. In fifth grade, she went on a field trip to the local movie theater and one of the film choices (with parent permission) was The Avengers. Abbi chose it as the lesser of two evils and has been hooked ever since. The Iron Man movies. Thor. Captain America. Even […]

This kick…

Tweet Yep, this exact kick, caught on film (so to speak) for posterity. You have to understand that this kick was a fluke in more ways than one. I have never before seen my kid attempt to put any part of her body in front of the soccer ball during the eight seasons that she […]

She’s Thirteen!!

Tweet Once upon a time… a beautiful baby girl was born. She grew tall… And loved to have fun every day – in rain… Or shine.

Almost a teenager…

Tweet Here we go. The final countdown has begun. With excitement on her part – and trepidation on ours. Today is April 1st – and in two more days, we’ll have… A teenager. (no foolin’) It really doesn’t change our lives much – she’s been acting teenager-ish since starting middle school last fall. It’s so […]