Tweet I’m supposed to be happy right now. After more than nine months of intensive chemotherapy treatments, my 12-year-old daughter is nearly done and the end that had loomed so far ahead as to seem unreachable for so long is finally almost upon us. I should be ecstatic, jumping for joy, more than ready to […]

Six Months in

Tweet On January 22nd of this year, an IV dripped toxic chemicals into my daughter’s body for the first time. Chemicals that are necessary to stop any more spread of her cancer, but which ironically could cause additional cancers in her themselves. Or damage her heart. Or her bladder. Or cause other issues that could […]

From Disney to DeVos…

Tweet This week will be a study in contrasts, in more ways than one. I’ve spent the past 6 days in Orlando, Florida on a solo trip to the TravelingMom 2015 #TMOMDisney retreat. It’s an annual chance to learn, grow, network and enjoy the time away from home. Last year we made it a family […]

Parenting a Tween… with cancer

Tweet The terrible 2’s? No problem, got that down. The toddler and preschool years weren’t fun at times, but little ones can be manipulated into doing just about anything and if you’re really good, they even get excited about it too. Moody teenage daughter? Check. But even she pales against the attitude that we get […]

Reflections from the hospital

Tweet I feel like 2015 is going by in a blur so far. Two months ago today our world as we knew it completely changed, when we heard the words, “there was something of concern on her CT scan.” Surgery, then the dreaded phrase, recurrence of tumor. One month ago today our ‘new’ normal began […]

The other ‘C’ word: Chemotherapy

Tweet Almost exactly two years ago, we got the diagnosis that scares the heck out of any parent – the big ‘C’ word. The funky-looking thing that had been growing on Hannah’s right knee? Was cancer. Which was terrifying. But while the surgery to remove her knee of any extra cancer cells itself was extensive […]

Hemangiopericytoma… again

Tweet The past week has been a whirlwind of doctors, hospital, phone calls and a lot to take in and process. I still can’t believe how quickly everything has moved. Hannah’s surgery was just on Tuesday and now here, on Saturday night, everything has changed. She did so amazingly with this surgery. We knew that […]

Hannah surgery–round 2…

Tweet So here we go again… Sigh. After her rather extensive leg surgery back in April of 2013 to make sure that all of the hemangiopericytoma tumor had been removed, Hannah’s follow-up scans have all been perfect, first at 3 and 6 months out and then every four months after that. In late May, her […]

Please Remember to Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness this Month! #GoGold

Tweet   7 MRIs. 6 CT scans. 2 surgeries. Weeks of crutches and physical therapy. It’s been 17 months now since Hannah’s surgery to remove a hemangiopericytoma from her right knee last year. She was lucky, as far as cancer goes – her soft tissue sarcoma (tumor) was located near the skin, easily visible, and […]

One year later… keeping a promise

Tweet April 17, 2013 will always remain one of the scariest days of my life. Waiting while my (then) 10-year-old daughter was wheeled back for a surgery that was going to remove most of her right knee tissue, move muscles around in her leg and then cover everything up with a graft of skin taken […]