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So here I am at 1pm on a gorgeous Friday afternoon, sitting at my desk at work. And am I working? Well, as you can probably tell by the lengthy posts I’ve made so far today, there’s not a whole lot going on… I think I’m one of like 3 people left in the office by now. All of the bosses are gone.

So here’s the question. My mom’s coming in on the bus – it gets here at 3:15pm. I work until 5:00pm. She usually waits at the bus station (like 2 blocks away) until I get out of work and can come get her on my way home.

I hate making her wait although she says she sits and reads and doesn’t mind. So she’ll sit there and read, and I’ll sit here and blog work.

I’m already in the negative on PTO (paid time off) from the extra days I had to take off over July 4th. Which is ok because I can make those up, but I really don’t want to take any more time off if I can avoid it.

Did I mention it’s sunny and 87 degrees out?

So what do you think I should do? Skip out and burn a little more time off so I can pick my mom up without having to make her wait, and enjoy more of this weekend? Or behave and stay at work like I’m supposed to…

What would you do?