A little more background is probably in order…

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So here I am at post #4 on this blog already and I haven’t really explained much about me or who I am. So here goes…

Who am I? Well, I guess the short answer is a mom, a wife, a GIS Analyst, a sister, daughter and friend. I’m not going to give my life history here – first of all I’d bore everyone to death probably and second of all, it’s really not necessary. Who knows if anyone else will ever read this, but if so, they will probably learn more about me just by reading over time. But, I suppose that I probably should give at least a few ‘vital statistics’.

Born on November 6, 1970 (yes, that makes me 36 years old as of this writing), in Southfield, Michigan. I grew up in the same house until I moved away for college and my parents divorced soon afterward. I have an older half-sister and half-brother, and one younger brother. For about 10 years, I also had a step-sister, 2 step-brothers and 5 step-nieces, but my dad and his 3rd wife divorced several years ago. Both of my parents still live outside Detroit, while I live outside of Grand Rapids – on the western side of Michigan. Ron grew up here and his family is still in the area. Close to family, close to the beautiful beaches of Lake Michigan, this area is now home.

So here’s a list of things about me that I answered for a post on a message board that I’m active on. It’s as good of an introduction as anything and it doesn’t require additional typing.

1. What is your full name ? Deborah
2. Where do you live/are you from ? I live in Grandville, but am from the Detroit area (Southfield).
3. What are your husband/SO/kid’s names, ages ? Ron is 37, Abby is 6, Hannah is 4 and Becca is 16 months.
4. Are you a SAHM/WAHM/Work outside of the home ? What do you do ? I work full-time doing mapping (GIS).
6. What is/are you favorite TV show(s) ? Gilmore Girls, all of the CSI’s, 7th Heaven, Psych, The Closer, American Idol, Heroes, and the New Adventures of Old Christine.
7. What type of music do you like ? mostly Alternative, some pop or Christian.
8. Who is/are your favorite actor(s)/actress(es) ? Don’t really have a favorite.
9. What is your favorite color ? Green
10. What is your favorite food ? Pizza
11. What are your hobbies ? Crocheting, reading, walking, have been trying to get into scrapbooking more.
12. What is/are your favorite smilies ? These are the ones that I use the most:
13. If you could go anywhere for a vacation, where would it be and why ? Ireland, Wales, Scotland
14. If you had $500 to spend ONLY on yourself, what would you do with the money ? Hmmm, clothes, books, music, yarn, sewing lessons
15. What is your “dream job” ? Being a