Ah… to escape…

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One of my absolute most favorite podcasts, the Manic Mommies is hosting a true mom vacation. It’s called the Manic Mommies Escape and they’re spending a weekend in Newport, RI in November. Oh what bliss to be able to just take off for a weekend without husband or kids and just spend the time pampering yourself and meeting lots of great new mommy friends.


It would be wonderful, if I could go. Due to my horrible, idiotic book-keeping skills, and the fact that we decided for some reason to take down a tree when we have no money, not to mention just general financial issues we’ve had over the past year we are again behind on bills. So no Escape for me.

But for anyone who is interested, the Escape sounds like it will be a blast and I will be excited (and jealous) to hear all about it goes. One of the awesome hosts of the Manic Mommies, Kristin, will celebrate her birthday over that weekend and since my birthday is just a few days beforehand as well, I feel like I have at least a tiny bit in common with her. Not to mention the crazy, busy, working-mom life as well!