Aloha Friday #116

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AlohaFridayIt’s Friday again! My favorite day of the week. 🙂

Given that there seems to be a major freeze going on in most of the US, I’m curious to know what things are like outside your front door right now. So, here’s my question for this week:

What is your weather forecast for today? Is your weather colder than usual for this time of year?

It’s definitely cold out here, but unfortunately that’s nothing new for Michigan in January. We’ve got some snow on the ground, and more coming down as well, but we’re not snowed in like other parts of the country are. Pretty much par for the course – although I’m more than ready for spring. I’m not a huge fan of winter, although my kids disagree with me on that one. They don’t seem to mind the cold much at all, as long as there’s snow outside to play in anyway.  🙂

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