Aloha Friday #29

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AlohaFridayIt’s Friday again! My favorite day of the week. Even when it’s rainy… 🙂

Just a quick update – thank you all so much for the prayers and good thoughts for Ron’s mom last week. Her transplant surgery went very well on Friday and she was able to go home a couple of days ago. The girls and I haven’t seen her yet (Abby and Hannah both ran fevers at various points over the weekend and into this week), but we’re hoping to get up there to visit this weekend (they live about 45 minutes from us).

On to this week’s question:

How do you generally listen to music (if you do)? On the radio? On CDs? An iPod or other MP3 player? Online? Or a combination of the above? And I’m talking regular music – not kids’ songs… 🙂

I used to listen to the radio on my drive into work in the mornings, but my radio stations either kept changing formats or my morning show favorites disappeared for various reasons. I don’t like any of the current morning shows, so I now listen to podcasts on my iPod (through my van’s speakers) on my way to and from work. If the kids are in the van though, we’re generally listening to their music (Backyardigans is the current favorite). I do listen to music sometimes at work on my iPod or I’ll turn on my kitchen radio sometimes when I’m making dinner. But I don’t listen to nearly as much music as I used to and am finding that I hardly know many of the currently popular artists or songs. Sigh.
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