And even more contest fun!

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I’ve run into a lot of great contests around lately, so here’s a few of them for you!

In honor of World Breastfeeding Month, over at BlessedNest, you can win a $100 gift certificate to her on-line store! The Nesting Pillows look like a must for any breastfeeding mom – I wish I’d had one when I was nursing my girls. You have until midnight on August 31st to enter, so hurry over!

At Pinks & Blues Girls you can win an apron set from Carolyn’s Kitchen! Just head on over here and leave a comment!

Check out 5 Minutes for Mom where you can win one of 10 copies of “A Woman In Red“, which looks like a great read! Even if I don’t win, I’m going to find a copy of this one. You can also win a copy of “The Little Red Book of Wisdom” over there too!

Karen over at Pediascribe has posted about two contests! You can win either an awesome breastfeeding coverup from Melissa at BumbleBabyMommy (enter by August 15th) or for those of you who are Pediacast listeners (and if you aren’t listening, why not?!!), you can win one of three lifetime memberships to Bundlo! Which is another thing I wish I’d known about when my babies were born:

“Take a traditional baby book, a blog, and Flickr and smoosh them all together and you end up with Bundlo! Once you have your baby’s site up and running, you can announce it to your friends and family and they can come and stay updated on all of the goings on in your home! Don’t worry, your baby’s site isn’t one that the public can get to. All “baby books” are password protected and safe!”

This contest is a bit more involved though – code words will be mentioned in 4 episodes of Pediacast (#44-#47) and you have to use them to unscramble the secret phrase and then e-mail it to by August 30th. How fun!

And lastly (but not least!), you can win one of two $250 Gymboree gift certificates from Love Shak, Baby! Enter by August 17th to win!