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Here, in no particular order, are the awards that I’ve received:


Thanks, Tammy!


Thanks, Sherry and Kailani!


Thanks, KC!

Thanks, Corey!

Thanks, Jennifer!

Thanks, Karen!

Thanks, Jennifer!

Thanks, Mauro!

Thanks, El Gigante Verdoso!

Thanks, Holly, Megan and Anna!

Thanks, Michelle!

Thanks, Donetta, Elizabeth, Jen, Jean and Kellie!

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Thanks, Anna!

(Christmas spirit award – image has disappeared…)
Thanks, Michelle and Jennifer!

Thanks, Momma Bean!

Thanks, Tammy and Jennifer!

Thanks, Anna and Bridget!

Thanks, Kellie!

Thanks, Holly!

Thanks, Holly and Jennifer!

Thanks, Shana!

Thanks, Neena and Laura!

Thanks, Anna, Donetta, MomOfThree, Kellie, and ExPat Mom!

Thanks, Natalie and Jenn!

Thanks, Jenny!

Thanks, Nap Warden!