Gearing up for Back to School with #WalgreensPaperless Coupons #shop

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WalgreensPaperlessShopFour weeks – that’s how long I have until my kids head back into the schoolroom. And while that seems like a lot of time to enjoy (or get through) yet, this summer, like usual, has zoomed by in a quick blink of an eye. Or at least so it seems. And before I know it, I’ll be dragging my kids out of bed at what seems like an unheard-of hour right now and making them pose for those all-important ‘First Day of School’ pictures. There’s really NOT that much time left, especially to make sure that they have everything they need. School supplies can really add up quickly too – which is why I make sure to check my Walgreens app every week and clip their paperless coupons so that I’m ready to save as much as I can.

This year, for the first time, our elementary school sent out letters right after school ended to tell the kids who their new teachers would be – and the letters thankfully included a suggested supply list. In the past, class lists weren’t posted until mid-August and the only way we got supply lists were if the new teachers happened to send out welcome letters to the kids afterward. We are fortunate that our school provides much of what the kids need, but there are always additional items to buy and knowing ahead of time what to look for allows us to (finally!) be able to take advantage of back-to-school sales and deals without having to guess or wait until the aisles are all picked over. Yes, this year my kids are prepared – already!

One of my usual go-to stops for school supplies is Walgreens and this year has been no exception. I shop at Walgreens a lot year-round because 1) we have one very close to home so it’s the most convenient option for all of those quick runs to the store, 2) it’s where we fill all of our prescriptions and 3) they have a great balance rewards program and a lot of coupons are offered every week as well. And I love the Walgreens Paperless coupons because having to remember to clip and keep paper coupons with me isn’t always easy, especially since I tend to run into Walgreens with just my wallet, not my whole (large) purse where I normally keep paper coupons tucked away.

Now it’s so much easier – I can simply scroll through the available #WalgreensPaperless coupons whenever I get a chance and clip the ones I want to use right in my Walgreens app. The app is synced to my Balance Rewards account because I love that I can open the app to have the cashier scan my rewards card right from my phone, which I ALWAYS have with me, so I don’t have to carry the physical card with me. And with my iPhone, I can keep my Walgreens Balance Rewards card in my Passbook so that it knows when I’m in or near a Walgreens and will automatically pop up (even on my locked screen) to make it even easier to open the card to scan it. Once my card is scanned (you can also do a lookup by phone number if you don’t have your card with you), then my clipped coupons automatically get applied to whatever I’m buying. I don’t have to hold up the line while I dig for paper coupons and try to figure out which ones match the items I’m getting. Not that I’ve ever had people waiting behind me in line glaring at me while I do that, of course… 😉

WalgreensSchoolSupplyShop-Jul2014 014

A few days ago, I arrived at our local Walgreens with all three girls in tow so that they could browse through the school supplies and pick out what they needed. It was the first time that we’ve shopped early enough for Back-to-School supplies where the seasonal aisle was still half filled with summer clearance items! But there was plenty out and available for the kids to choose from – and I had made sure to clip the available paperless coupons for Wexford school supplies beforehand, so we knew exactly what to look for. Thanks to #CollectiveBias, we had some specific funds to spend on supplies, and my kids easily spent that and a little more. They take after me – I always loved the feeling of buying brand-new pencils, markers, crayons, notebooks, etc. for school. I still love it actually – in fact I may have had a few items (cough) fall into the cart for myself as well.

WalgreensSchoolSupplyShop-Jul2014 001 WalgreensSchoolSupplyShop-Jul2014 018

Abbi hasn’t gotten her supply list yet, but as an eighth grader, she has a good idea of what she needs – notebooks and folders for each class, plenty of pens, plus she stocked up on highlighters and little self-stick paper tab thing to mark book pages. Hannah’s list for sixth grade specifically mentioned to bring LOTS of pencils so we grabbed several of the 8-packs for 39 cents each, for both her and Becca (who had lost plenty of pencils last year in second grade). Each of the girls also picked out a new pair of 5-inch scissors – Abbi and Hannah like the smaller ones that they can easily store in a pencil box or case and for only 49 cents each after the paperless coupon, we could certainly afford them.

WalgreensSchoolSupplyShop-Jul2014 009

Along with the paperless coupons I’d clipped, there were plenty of other school supplies on sale, so we got almost everything the girls need just in this one visit. Hannah was thrilled to see supplies decorated with woodland creatures – she loves animals. While owls have been one of her favorite themes lately, she is expanding to all woodland critters this year, so happily picked out folders and notebooks with foxes and hedgehogs on them.

WalgreensSchoolSupplyShop-Jul2014 019
WalgreensSchoolSupplyShop-Jul2014 025 2014-08-04 12.59.10

Of course we had to check out the summer clearance items that shared an aisle with the back-to-school stuff… And since we were saving so much money ($24.34 total!) between sales and the paperless coupons, I was able to let the girls each pick out something fun to bring home too – we do have four weeks of summer to get through yet, after all! Hannah and Becca got an early start on playing with their rubber balls before we left the store – oops!

WalgreensSchoolSupplyShop-Jul2014 029 2014-08-04 12.58.41

When we got home, we took a few minutes to sort through the supplies and divvy out everything. The girls were excited to get the small stuff put away into pencil boxes and then fill the backpacks that are already hanging by the back door, ready to be grabbed and carried out to the bus stop when the time comes. They love summer vacation of course, but by this time of year they’re getting bored with being home all day every day and are more than ready to be back into a routine. I’m thrilled when school begins every year too – not only do I get my uninterrupted work days back, but I know the girls are happy to be seeing their friends and filling their minds with new and exciting things to learn.

iPhone 002 iPhone 009

These were the girls on their first day of school last year – I can’t wait to take this year’s photos in a few weeks and see just how much they’ve grown! 🙂