Becca’s checkup and some updates

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I just got back from taking Becca for her 18-month checkup. Wow, has this little girl grown! She’s gone from a tall, skinny little thing with chicken legs to a robust toddler who actually has some plump to her now. Until her first birthday, she always hovered around the 10th to 25th percentile for weight. She is now in the 75th percentile at 26 pounds 4 ounces! And at 33 1/2 inches tall, she’s in the 95th percentile for height. Way to grow, little Becca!

I’m feeling much better now, except for a lingering cough, but I think Becca may be catching my cold. She ran an unexplained fever last night of 101.5 before bedtime (although she’s been fever-free so far today) and she just hasn’t seemed herself or had an appetite. My little daredevil hardly let me put her down at the doctor’s office and let’s just say that’s not like her. About the time she finally started calming down and playing with me, it was time for the shot – only 1 this time though, thank goodness. But in general, she’s doing well and is healthy and all of that fun stuff.

Remember my cancorder tape-to-dvd project? Well, I am almost completely done! I have one tape left to copy – it’s of our honeymoon in Florida. So far I have copied/watched over 30 hours of family video. After the first 7 hours of just Abby, it seemed to settle down into a nice variety of new babies, birthday parties, Christmas and preschool events/activities. Although we either did not record much in 2002 after Abby’s first birthday or I’m missing a tape somewhere because between April (Abby’s b’day) and November (Hannah’s birth), I’ve got a total of about 15 minutes. But I’m excited to almost be done and already looking ahead to the next project that I’ve assigned myself – scanning all of the photos in my photo albums.

This is a bigger job that you might think. My mom started photo albums for my brother and I when we were born. At the time, all of their photos were developed into slides, so my mom made prints of the best photos for our albums. My brother never kept his up after he got older and I actually raided his for photos before I moved away from home (shhh, don’t tell!). But I not only kept them up, they multiplied. And multiplied. I have almost 20 photo albums covering from my birth up to Abby’s birth, when we got our first digital camera. I also got into scrapbooking at that point and have started 3 different scrapbooks – none of which have more than a few pages in them yet. Have I mentioned I have this habit of starting projects and not finishing them? Which is one main reason I’m so excited to almost be done with the camcorder tapes. And I WILL get all of the photo albums scanned! Eventually.

So in other news, here’s some updates on past posts. First of all, Hannah is doing much, much better with the potty since we started using the timer. Even to the point where we’ve stopped using it most of the time. She’s only had a couple of accidents and has even taken herself to the potty several times. She is back in pull-ups at night after ruining her mattress (that one was Ron’s fault for not noticing he was putting her to bed on a bare mattress without sheet or mattress pad!). I haven’t been giving her the MiraLax on a regular basis, but plan to start again because she’s been complaining about stomach aches again. So we’ll see if this streak goes more than the couple of weeks that it’s ever lasted before. Having her 100% potty trained before school would be awesome.

I still haven’t gotten a new wedding ring. It just hasn’t seemed as high of a priority lately, what with everything else going on.

I finished Harry Potter on Monday! No spoilers here, but it was really an amazing book and a great way to end the series. I think I’m going to go back now and re-read them all from the beginning to see how everything fits together. J. K. Rowling is amazingly talented – I’ll be looking forward to seeing what she does next.

I think that brings everything pretty much up to date! Just because I feel like it, here are a few photos from swimming lessons over the past couple of weeks. Sorry for the picture quality – the lighting isn’t the greatest plus the motion makes things a bit blurry…