Becca’s turn

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So I can’t resist sharing this Becca story from last night. Abby has been at KidsGames all week so I’m just putting Hannah and Becca to bed at the normal time. Last night while Hannah was brushing her teeth, Becca (who is 17 months old today!) climbed onto Hannah’s bed (which being the bottom bunk of the bunk bed, is low enough that she just figured out how to climb in it – and is very proud of herself for this new skill). When Hannah came in and got into bed, I reached toward her to give her the usual bedtime hugs and kisses. Becca leaned toward her as well and I said (jokingly, I thought), “hey, Becca wants to give you hugs and kisses too!”. Hannah said she just wanted hugs, so she leaned toward Becca and Becca looked right at her, said ‘night-night’, gave Hannah a big hug, then climbed down off Hannah’s bed and headed out of the room. Mission accomplished, I guess – usually I have to chase her out of the girls’ room at bedtime, so I thought this was rather cute. She is such a little mimic right now and thinks she can wants to do everything that her big sisters do. I think that she literally thinks that she is 6 years old because she just goes right in and tries to do everything Abby and Hannah do, as if it’s no big deal – and she gets awfully mad when I have to take her away from things (like bikes, scooters, etc.) that she is just not big enough for yet. It’s so funny to watch how her little mind seems to work.

Three days and counting – no wet accidents for Hannah! So far the timer’s working great – every 2 hours it goes off and she goes potty with little prompting. I love that the timer’s the ‘bad guy’ – she can’t really argue back to it. 🙂

Abby is a nice bright pink all over right now – especially her cheeks. If I didn’t know that she’s not contagious, I’d keep her home from KidsGames, but there’s really no point since we noticed the rash on Sunday so she hasn’t been contagious since at least then, at least according to everything I’ve read on Fifth Disease. No signs of it yet in Hannah or Becca – I’m assuming they’ll come down with it at some point though…