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There once was a little girl.

Who lived in a typical house

in a nice neighborhood.

She had a mother and a father,

two sisters and a brother.

Meals on the table,

clothes and toys of her own…

She had it all, you would think.

But she was broken.

As she grew there were boyfriends,

school activities, college classes

and dorm life. Even a Masters degree.

She was attractive, intelligent, and caring.

A successful teacher,

who spent her summers traveling

through Europe. And Asia.

She was unmarried,

but dreamed of having a family of her own

one day.

And still, she was broken.

Later there was a husband,

and two children she adored,

a house to keep up,

bills to pay.

She sewed, knitted, cleaned,

and volunteered like a ‘good’ mom should.

Her kids were her world and grew up

knowing they were loved.

But unaware that she was broken.

In middle-age, demons emerged

who had been kept at bay.

She fought them off, as she always had.

With help, yet alone.

Then out on her own with kids grown

and gone.

She lived, worked, and enjoyed

being beholden to no one.

Except her cats.

Who didn’t care that she was broken.

Until now, when the demons,

(the machine)

are all she has left.

Or so she believes, lost

in a world separate

from the reality she had known.

Those who cared turn against her,

those who turned before,


From her mind.

Which her children now know

will forever be