Bruised Becca

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Today went much better. Nobody was sick, which is strange but I’m certainly not complaining. I have no idea what was going on yesterday. Hannah and Becca both ate normally today and had no problems. And nobody else has come down with it (yet?) either. Just plain weird.

I’ve known that Becca is our little daredevil but she appears to be collecting bruises this weekend. I already posted about her little escapade with the baby slide yesterday. Her eye looked better today – at least until dinnertime tonight. We had friends over – my friend Kristi’s husband Steve and their two boys (Kristi was working). I headed out to pick up pizzas for dinner, Ron was watching tv in the living room and keeping an eye on the big kids. Steve headed downstairs to keep an eye on Becca. A few minutes after I left, Becca apparently decided to climb back upstairs but didn’t make it too far before she fell back down them – at least that’s what we think happened since Steve had stepped into the bathroom right beforehand. She’s got a nice round bruise on her cheek, right under the red mark on the eye from yesterday.

Then, later on right before Steve and the boys took off, the kids were all playing in Abby and Hannah’s room and Becca smooshed her fingers in one of the girls’ dresser drawers. Nothing broken, thank goodness, but one of them was swelling up a little bit.

I don’t remember going through this with either of the other girls! I think Becca’s going to give me a heart attack before she turns 2 at this rate, LOL.

Here’s hoping for an illness and injury-free day tomorrow!