Do you remember your childhood park?

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A couple of weeks ago, I read a post over at 5 Minutes For Mom about a trip that Susan’s family made to the playground at her and Janice’s old elementary school, and how Susan and Janice have formed a team through the Kaboom website to help raise money for the charity and to help Kaboom locate 100,000 playspaces in 100 days.

I well remember the playgrounds where my brother and I played as a child. We lived within walking distance from our elementary school, and played at the playground there often. As we grew older and had more freedom to range within bike-riding distance, we spent a great deal of time at a local park nearby our house at one of the city’s parks and recreation complexes. There we swam, played tennis and baseball, and spent countless hours on the playground during the summers, and ice skated in the winter.

A few years ago, on a trip to visit my parents, we met my brother and both of my parents at the same complex so my own girls could spend some time playing on the playground there. We hadn’t been back in probably 20 years – and it’s changed quite a bit, but the play equipment is located in the same spot in the same woods where we used to run around, and the feeling of deja vu was overwhelming.

My photos aren’t terribly good – it was getting late (and dark), and it was a couple of cameras ago as well – so they are quite blurry. The year was 2006 – Abby was 5 years old, Hannah was 3-1/2, and Becca was a giggly 9-month-old. But they all had an absolute blast sliding…



and playing hide-and-seek.

We are very fortunate that the city we currently live in recognizes the importance of neighborhood playgrounds as well, and last year constructed a park within walking distance of our house. We play there quite often and I hope that we’ll be here for many years to come so that my girls will remember this park as their childhood playspace someday.


Does every kid have a playground within walking distance of their home? No. Does every kid deserve to have one?


So, please help 5 Minutes For Mom and Kaboom with their initiative to locate 100,000 play spaces — playgrounds, skate parks and field complexes — in 100 days, and join the 5 Minutes For Mom team! As I write this, we have 50 playspaces added. You can help by taking just a few minutes to join and add your favorite playspaces with a photo and ranking. We earn $1 for our charity with every playspace added!

There are 66 days left to go in the challenge and only just over 12,000 playspaces in total added – so please join today! 🙂

This is not a paid or sponsored post, just an invitation to join the team and help out in this important cause.