Exploring Indiana…

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This week I’m away from home, on a trip to explore two cities in our neighboring state of Indiana. I’ve been to (and through) Indiana many times, but had never been to Indianapolis or Fort Wayne before. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what both of these cities have to offer. So far, I’m very impressed with Indianapolis.

I left early this morning and drove down from Grand Rapids. It’s really not a bad drive, just about 4 hours or so. I made one stop for food and to stretch my legs and got here right after lunchtime. It’s an easily do-able weekend trip.

I spent this afternoon exploring the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. More to come about it later, both here and on TravelingMom. It’s a strange experience to be here kid-free, but honestly I’m getting a ton out of this museum even without my kids. I do wish that we’d brought them when they were younger though.

When I think “Children’s Museum”, I think of a space that has a lot of interactive play for kids and not much for adults to do. As much as we liked our local Grand Rapids Children’s Museum, it’s more of a play experience and not as much a ‘museum’ specifically. This one is absolutely a museum – it’s just a museum aimed at kids. There’s still plenty of interactive play, but there’s so much else too.

Dinner tonight was at the MADD Greek Restaurant. I don’t know if I’ve ever really eaten at a Greek restaurant before, but it was delicious. The Greek food was a nod toward the museum’s upcoming long-term exhibit about Greece.

Tomorrow, I’ll head back to the museum to learn about their Sports Legends Experience…

But tonight, I’m getting something I don’t get very often right now with Ron out of work and home during the days.

Alone time.

My room at the Crowne Plaza in downtown Indianapolis is roomy (Executive King), quiet and relaxing. Tomorrow I think I’ll hit up the fitness area, but for now my feet hurt and I’m simply enjoying the quiet ambiance as I catch up on work. And sort through the over 200 pictures that I took today. I’ve put a few of my favorites (so far!) in this post and you can follow along with my Instagram story as well.

Good Night!