Fall family fun

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Alliteration aside, we have managed to have some really good fun together as a family this fall. Last weekend was our annual trip to the pumpkin patch with our friends Carlos and Cheryl and their two boys. If you haven’t been reading here very long, you may not know that their oldest son, DJ, and Abby were born only 2 days apart in 2001 (we met them in childbirth classes), and their second son, Quinn, is only 4 days older than Becca (completely by coincidence). Hannah manages to play just fine with everyone, and the kids have always gotten along really well. I was thinking the other day about the fact that we’ve done a fall pumpkin/apple trip pretty much every year since the kids were born, which I guess definitely makes this one of our major fall traditions. One that we decided was worth a little splurging – especially since it’s one of the few times that we get to see Carlos and Cheryl and the boys anymore. They live an hour away, and both of the guys work a lot of weekend hours.

For the past 3 years, we’ve gone to the same pumpkin patch – Lewis’ Farm Market in New Era. You can see last year’s trip and our trip from 2008 – wow, the kids have grown so much since then! This year was easier in some ways since the kids are so much older – and they all knew what to expect since we’ve been to this place before. One thing we didn’t necessarily expect though – between the mild weather and the amount of attractions that Lewis’ offers during the fall… It was crowded!!

We skipped the hayride out to the apple orchard entirely (combination of saving time and money) and just let the kids do all of their activities. We were there for a few hours and it was just about right – everyone was getting tired and hungry right about the time everything was closing down. There was more than enough to keep them all occupied and excited though.

They jumped inside of a giant inflatable pumpkin…


Climbed and played on a ‘tractor’…


Rode the ‘Boo Train’…


And posed for pictures, even though the bright sun was in their eyes.


The Jumping Pillow was a big hit again, as it was last year. My kids jumped on it and rolled down it, while Cheryl’s boys finally ended up sitting or laying on it and letting others bounce it for them. Either way, everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun.

LewisFarmMarketWithCastelos-Oct10_093 LewisFarmMarketWithCastelos-Oct10_090

LewisFarmMarketWithCastelos-Oct10_085 LewisFarmMarketWithCastelos-Oct10_086




The pedal speedway was a big hit again this year. Hannah moved up to the ‘big’ pedal cars and Becca was able to maneuver through the course without any help from Daddy this time.




There were a lot of other ways to have fun too, but the best part was just spending time with friends that we don’t see often enough anymore.  🙂