Fancy Hannah

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No, this post is not about my Hannah. Someone on one of my message boards posted about a family that just lost their 5-year-old daughter in a tragic drowning accident, one week ago. The mom is a blogger and has been writing not only about this terrible loss, but about celebrating her daughter’s life. Her daughter, Hannah, loved sparkles, glitter and fairy wings. Everything glitzy and fancy. Her family called her dress-up clothes, her “Fancy Hannah” clothes. For the funeral, they asked everyone attending to wear their best “Fancy Hannah” clothes. And people did.

On her blog, Life with Hannah and Lily, she wrote on a post the day after her daughter died, “OH GOD I HURT!!!!!!”

I can’t imagine how such a tragedy would affect me, but I am so acutely aware that there can be no words to adequately explain the pain of losing a child. And no words to assuage the pain either. But as a blogger, words are what I can offer – and prayers. I pray for God to watch over Hannah’s family. And for anything that might help to ease their pain, even just a little bit.