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Has it really been fifteen years since the day that we brought our firstborn daughter home from the hospital?

Abby in Pink Dress2

Back then it was impossible to imagine what she would be like as a little girl, running around, with hair… 🙂


Nowadays it’s difficult to remember back to the baby, toddler, preschooler and kid that she used to be. She’s taller than I am and wears a larger size shoe. She’s old enough to start learning to drive.

iPhone 002

As of this week, Abbi is an international traveler as well – spending her birthday in three different airports and her spring break with her high school robotics team, competing in Calgary.

iPhone 004

She is still completely unique – weird, quirky and fun. She defiantly refuses to wear makeup or use any hair styling products. She’s her own person and she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. I am in awe of her confidence.

iPhone 050

A self-described ‘fangirl’, she loves all things Dr. Who and Marvel’s Avengers, along with other BBC shows: Sherlock and Merlin. Her favorite ‘fandom’ remains the Night At The Museum movies and she has all three movies completely memorized. This has sparked interest in American history, presidents, cowboys, ancient Rome and more – making her list of ‘likes’ very eclectic.

iPhone 014

Abbi has memorized pi, down to the 70th decimal place.

She loves pop music, but has some classics on her faves playlist as well – especially Bohemian Rhapsody. Favorite bands include Coldplay and One Republic. She can’t stand Justin Bieber.

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Abbi has written books – she incorporated all of her friends as characters and now has a group of authors who all edit and write the books together, including her younger sister Hannah. As a group, they’re on the sixth ‘Dragons’ book.  One of Abbi’s best friends printed and bound the first book from a Pinterest tutorial and gave it to her for her birthday last year, so technically – she’s self-published. Sort of. 😉

Abbi's14thBirthday 004

She also love to bake, draw, paint, and be creative in lots of other ways. Her 2015 Christmas list was created as a Google presentation (partially in French, and most of it rhymed). image

She turned a childhood terror of storms and tornadoes into a vocation – her plan is to go to school for meteorology and become a storm chaser. Although she doesn’t want to be an engineer, she had a blast doing VEX robotics last fall – she likes to be hands-on.

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Abbi cares for others – always the one to give up or give in when it comes to conflicts with her sisters, and she worries greatly if things aren’t ok with all of her friends, family and loved ones.

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Words that come to mind to help describe Abbi? Brash, loud, quirky, unique, fun, cheerful, ticklish, thoughtful…

AbbiLastDayOfBeing14 001

AbbiLastDayOfBeing14 003

It’s awfully quiet around here without her this week.

AbbiLastDayOfBeing14 007

Happy fifteen, Abbi!

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