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It’s coming… The ‘dog days’ of summer are just about over for us, and school begins in just a couple of weeks. And while I’m thrilled about that in a lot of ways, my life is about to get a whole lot more hectic, very quickly. With all three girls playing soccer again this fall, we’ll have practices four evenings a week, plus three games every Saturday. Then there’s Lego League, youth group and who knows what else – I’m about to be spending a lot of time either driving or waiting around for various young people. Since I work from home, I do have some flexibility, but it’s nice to be able to spend at least some of that waiting time being productive. My phone is ok for quick email checks, but I hate the small screen for much beyond that. Bringing my laptop with me does no good since there’s no wi-fi on the soccer field, and I’ve never had a data plan on my iPad 2, since that would be out of our budget. This fall though, I have a not-so-secret weapon – my brand-new TMobile Trio AXS 7.85” 4G tablet, with the TMobile free 200mb data plan, thanks to #CollectiveBias.

TMobile Trio AXS tablet #shop
Free Data for Life – don’t leave home without it!

The #TableTrio is going to help with my busy life in quite a few ways. I love the size – at 7.85” it’s larger than my iPhone and much simpler to use for navigating the web and typing emails, posts and status updates while on-the-go, but enough smaller than my bulky iPad 2 that it easily fits in my purse. It’s an Android tablet, which I’m familiar with since my husband’s and kids’ tablets are all Android-based, although there’s a slight learning curve for me since I’m so used to iOS. But the best part is definitely the Free Data for Life plan – knowing that I have up to 200MB of free data each month for the life of my tablet on T-Mobile’s advanced nationwide 4G network is huge for me and will let me keep up with all of my obligations – family, work and more – so much more easily.

TMobile Trio AXS tablet #shop
The tablet shopping aisle at our local Walmart.

Purchasing the tablet was quick and easy at our local Walmart, and it was all set to go out of the box. I was surprised at how affordable the tablet is – only $179 for a 4G connected device, which was less than I paid for my iPhone two years ago. I was able to easily set up a new TMobile account and decline a paid data plan, which put me right on the Free Data for Life plan. When I hit the 200MB limit this month, the tablet will prompt me to purchase additional data – if I wish, or I can wait and the free plan will reset with another 200MB next month.

Beccas1stSoccerGame-Spring2014 #shop
My youngest soccer player out on the field.

Along with the Free Data for Life plan, TMobile and Walmart have many flexible options for data plans to meet the needs of any user – whether you just want to be able to check email and weather, or want to stream movies or music to keep the kids occupied. Something I foresee that will come in very handy when I have to drag my youngest out to her sisters’ activities this school year! Or, as I’ve also recently discovered, it works very well to give my 11-year-old something to do while we’re stuck in line at a drive-thru as we’re grabbing a quick meal between practices. 🙂

Trio AXS tablet in the van #shop
Keeping Hannah occupied during a long drive-thru wait.

Even on the free plan, additional data can be purchased by the month, week or even by the day, which is so helpful if, say you hit your data limit right in the middle of something urgent. If you do want to upgrade to a paid data plan, they have plenty of options for those too. I love the flexibility that allows me to choose what I need – and can afford. I had tried to add a data plan to my iPad 2 just for our Florida trip in May but was unsuccessful. I only needed 4G access for a week, but would’ve had to pay a $36 activation fee and sign up for a 2-year contract on a regularly monthly plan that I couldn’t afford. The next time I travel, I’m looking forward to being able to purchase any data that I might need with no strings attached.

TMobile Trio AXS Tablet #shop
All of my essential apps are available right on the home screen.

I really do love the fall and the start of school – hectic or not, the girls are so excited to get back to their friends and a more structured routine. I am too – with the girls in school, I enjoy my quiet days to get work and household stuff done before the running around that starts when the bus drops the girls back off in the afternoons. I like that the girls are active and challenged physically, educationally and socially. And I really am going to love NOT having to say, “yes, I can do that – but not until I get home” when something comes up at 7:00 in the evening while I’m twiddling my thumbs waiting for soccer practice to be over. 🙂