Hello, spring?

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Have you seen the status message going around on Facebook? The one that looks like an installation message for computer software, telling us that ‘Spring’ has been unable to be installed this year? It’s cute – if you don’t know what I mean, you can see an example of it here.  And it really rings true this year – I can’t remember another time in recent memory when winter has held on for every last little bit it can eek out. Not even just the snow that we were surprised with last week, but it’s been cold, damp, rainy and windy for weeks now, with only a few days sprinkled here or there where the sun has peeked out or we have been able to run around outside without heavy coats on. Or umbrellas.

Apparently Mother Nature has a sense of humor as well, because a couple of weeks ago she teased us with an 85+ degree day that popped up out of nowhere. One day – that had me scrambling to suddenly unearth the spring and summer clothes that we hadn’t needed at all before then, so that my kids wouldn’t be sweltering in jeans and long-sleeves. Which is about all they’ve worn since though – I now have a large stack of shorts and tank tops sitting out that I can’t put in the girls’ clothing bins yet because there’s not enough room in there for clothes for every season all at once. And I can’t pack away the cold-weather clothes just yet, because we’re still wearing them.

On that one day however, we got a sneak peek of not only spring – but summer. And it fell on a weekend, so we were all home to enjoy it. Even Tessa, who had her first ‘puppy playdate’ when we packed everyone up and headed over to Kristi’s for a chance to introduce the puppy to them and spend some time together – something we hadn’t done in a long time.

PuppyPlaydateAtKristis-Apr11 001(L to R: Tessa, Susie, Lily)

It was so cute to see how Tessa reacted not only to Kristi’s dog, Lily – but also to a neighbor’s dog who comes over to play with Lily on a regular basis. Lily is a high-energy doggie who loves to play fetch and catch frisbees, while Tessa’s a bit (ok, a lot) more low-key, so it took a little while for Lily to settle down and Tessa to get comfortable enough to play. But they had a lot of fun together and I can’t wait to get them together again – once the weather cooperates, that is. 🙂 The kids really had a great time too – and it was so good to see our friends and have a chance to hang out and visit.

PuppyPlaydateAtKristis-Apr11 006
(Lily playing frisbee – with Becca, who was loving the chance to play frisbee with a real dog instead of the Wii… :))

PuppyPlaydateAtKristis-Apr11 012
(Tessa likes hanging out with Noah)

PuppyPlaydateAtKristis-Apr11 021(Our first cookout of the year!)

This past weekend felt a lot more like spring – finally. The girls (and the puppy) loved spending much of the time outside. I only hope that it’s the start of a warm weather trend – and that I can get those cold-weather clothes packed away. And leave them packed – at least until we’ll need them again in the fall.

Maybe next winter will make as late of an appearance as this spring has? We can only hope!