Holidays, Happy New Year (and so on)

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IMG_6662Such a cliché, right – where has the time gone? I blink and a whole month has gone by…

But a true saying, at least lately. I swear just yesterday I was thinking that it was way too early to be starting to think about dealing with the holiday season yet – and now here it is already into 2013 and another Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukah are behind us.

I know much of my current time warp-ishness has to do with the past 2-1/2 months of working two jobs as well as taking care of kids, family and home – and trying to squeeze in time for knitting, reading and other ‘me’ stuff.

Like naps. There have been lots of naps going on lately. Which I’m sure has to do with the fact that I’m now getting up (and staying up at 7am) and often staying up much later at night than I should to find that little bit of me time. As much as I hate to be sleeping through some of the evening time that I get to spend with the girls, naps are definitely my friend nowadays.

IMG_6636Sleep issues aside, we had a good time this holiday season. The girls are older now and the “I want!” attitude is much less than it used to be. Abbi only had four things on her Christmas list altogether and 90% of Hannah’s list was made up of books. My whole process for shopping has changed – instead of picking up items on sale and clearance throughout the year and then having to get the specific things the girls wanted on top of all those, I did all almost all of my shopping the weekend before Christmas and only bought things I knew they specifically wanted (or needed). Although I did go out shopping on Black Friday, I was hunting only for a few things. Other than a few DVDs, pajamas and gloves, the girls’ lists just don’t match the big toy sales anymore. In fact, I bought very few toys overall, which is a trend that I’m sure will keep up as we move more into the tween and teen years.

IMG_6521Abbi asked for peace sign wall stickers for her room, a penguin ‘dream light’ Pillow Pet, apps for her tablet and a gray Webkinz cat. She got all of those things, plus I also got her peace sign sheets for her bed, which she was thrilled with. She also spent all her Christmas money on a matching comforter.

Hannah asked for books – we got her the Percy Jackson series that she’s read and loved, as well as a bunny Webkinz, dog and pawprint wall stickers for her room, a Barbie beach house (one of the few toys), and a Twilight Turtle (similar to a dream light, except the projected stars have 8 actual constellations you can find).

IMG_6627Each of them also got a Google Play Store gift card – up until now we’ve only let them download free apps on their android tablets, so they were thrilled to be able to purchase a few (with our approval).

Becca got My Little Pony figurines, a puppy ‘dream light’ Pillow Pet, a spotted leopard Webkinz, a game from the movie Brave, a Barbie paper doll set, and a couple of DVDs she wanted.

IMG_6634Ron and I spent our Christmas money we received from his parents (plus a gift card from his work) to replace our dead Wii. We got a great deal on a new one, that also included a starter pack for the Skylanders Giants game, which Ron and the girls are having a lot of fun with. It’s been great to be able to play our Wii games again and I’m always happy to have another way for our family to stay more active during these cold winter months.

I managed to squeeze in time to knit ornaments for family and friends as gifts this year (thankfully I began back in October!), which was a lot of fun. I even broke out the sewing machine and made little gift bags to store them in. They turned out wonderfully and I’m looking forward to hopefully being able to do more with sewing this coming year. Abbi learned to use the sewing machine too, and made a pillow for my mom for Christmas.

And so now it’s 2013 and we’re up to the final weekend of Christmas break. The girls have had fun – we made cookies, visited friends last weekend, have sent kids to and hosted sleepovers, and had some good family time together. I took Christmas week off and Ron’s had New Year’s week off, so we each had a week home with the girls.

Happy New Year!