How much are those pancakes?!

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Becca has made up a new game. She’s only 17 months old and can only say a few words, but boy does this little girl get her point across. The game involves a lot of laughing, running, and growling. Yes – growling. She’s a pretty darn good growler (if there is such a word). See the rules of the game are simple. They involve the 1-year-old coming up to you and growling menacingly (ok, so it’s more cute than menacing but having a toddler come up to you and go ‘rrrrooooaaaarrr’ – you’ve just got to play along). Then it’s our turn to growl back at her while she giggles and runs away from us. Then we apparently are supposed to chase and tickle her, which involves more giggles and laughter. Then after we walk away, she’ll come back after us and start all over again.

Apparently this is a game that she plays quite often with a little two-year-old boy at daycare. In that case though, they growl at each other and then dissolve in giggles. This is one of the reasons why my daycare provider, Brook, does what she does for a living. She says that she’s not sure she could hang out with adults all day every day – she enjoys the kids way too much. We are very blessed with Brook. After struggling in the past to find good daycare, I know how hard it is to find someone who cares about your kids like they were her own and since I can’t be with them every day, I’m just glad that they’re safe, happy and loved.

Abby this morning announced that they were having a pancake breakfast at supervised playground this morning. Ok, well according to the calendar, there is no supervised playground on Fridays. Then, she adds that she needs money for this breakfast. Ok, well did they send anything home with you telling the parents this? Nope. Well, how much does this breakfast cost? Her answer – sixty dollars. Ok then, well if this breakfast really costs $60 then it must be some extremely incredible pancakes! Sorry, but Mommy doesn’t have $60 to give you, not even for the best pancakes in the entire world. So I asked Brook if she knew anything about it when we got to daycare, and apparently her 9-year-old had told her about it as well, but the required amount to bring is actually 50 cents. Ok – well that, I can afford! (Note to self to work on dollar values with Abby more) Brook is going to run over there first and talk to the people running the playground since it would be nice to know about these things ‘officially’ instead of our kids just coming home and begging for money. And why they’re doing something on Fridays when the calendar says no. So I’m waiting for a call or e-mail back with the scoop.

I forgot to wave to Hannah as I was pulling out of the driveway at daycare this morning. I hope she’s not too upset. Bad, bad mommy.