I ♥ “Autumn Beauty” Faces

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This week’s theme is “Autumn Beauty”, which is, of course, appropriate given the time of year. Our past week was full of fall leaves in fact – I spent all week raking and bagging just about every portion of our yard – over 40 bags total (so far anyway). Most of the raking was done while Abby and Hannah were in school, but they did help some while they were home – and of course, they (and Becca) had plenty of opportunity to jump in and roll around in the leaves to their hearts’ content.

And, of course, I’ve taken “a few” photos.  ;)  Ok, so maybe more than just a few (*grin*). But when it came down to picking just one to use as my submission for this week’s contest at I ? Faces, I went with the one photo that says “Autumn Beauty” to me the most – this one that I took of Hannah sitting in a leaf pile, with a touch of sunlight just kissing the top of her head. It’s so unusual to get a lot of sunny days here in Michigan in the fall, so photos like this one aren’t terribly common. That’s been one enjoyable thing about the week of weather we’ve had here over the past week – between the sun and warm temperatures, it’s been hard to believe it’s mid-November. I could definitely stand to have this kind of weather for few weeks more.  🙂

So here is my entry:

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