I ♥ ‘Sweet Dreams’ Faces

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This week’s theme is “Sweet Dreams”, which I love because sleeping photos are one of my favorite ways to take photos of my girls. So, I had a lot to choose from, lol. Although, not a lot of photos of truly good quality, as I realized when looking at them all. One thing that this weekly challenge is doing is motivating me to want to learn so much more not only about how to take better photos but also how to edit them as well. Here is my attempt this week – it’s a picture that I took last year during the phase where Becca would only sleep on the floor next to her doorway – we had a safety gate up to keep her in the room and she would bring her pillow, blanket, books and such over and camp out right by the gate. Every single night – but I love this photo where she’d apparently fallen asleep while ‘talking’ on her Minnie Mouse toy cell phone.  Too cute!  🙂

So here is my entry this week:


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