It’s Sunday again? Really?

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Wow, apparently when you’re 40 time speeds up even more quickly than it was previously and suddenly a week goes by and you realize that you haven’t actually posted anything of substance since you were still in your 30’s.

And it would seem that the whole being organized and keeping track of everything that’s supposed to be getting done thing? Must also go by the wayside… Ok, so maybe not. But I would swear that I got back from my weekend away in Detroit – yesterday. Not a week ago. Yikes.

Deb40thBirthday_002Me. On the morning of my birthday. Taken in the mirror with my phone. Here I am at 40 – overweight, with hair desperately in need of a color job (again). But this is my life right now, for better or worse.

So the weekend away was really nice – even if a few days (or weeks) too short.  ;)  Even just the drive was nice – I was able to listen to my own music and podcasts as much as I wanted to. And there was no complaining or fighting or whining coming from the back of the van. Eerily quiet, in fact. As was the hotel room – except for the neighbors, whose voices carried easily through the walls into our room. But that was ok – we really didn’t spend much time at the hotel at all.

Ikea_013Mary, in front of Ikea in Canton, MI

On Saturday, we spent 3+ hours walking around Ikea – which is a whole post in itself, that I’ll try to get to soon. It took us a good half hour just to figure out how the store works. But it was a lot of fun to walk around and see everything they have and pick out a few items that are already making a difference in our house. Something I’ll post a tackle about tomorrow.  🙂

Also on Saturday, we enjoyed dinner with my dad and his friend (girlfriend? companion?). Since it was my birthday and I was in town, it was really nice to be able to see at least one of my parents. And we had some amazing Chinese food – something I don’t get very often, since Ron and the girls don’t like it. After that, we hit a couple more stores before calling it a night and driving back to the hotel.

We did a lot more driving on Saturday than we’d anticipated, but it all worked out ok. We got back to the hotel in time to relax and enjoy some of the birthday cake that Mary had made and brought for me. She even remembered candles and a lighter – although we were limited to the few candles she’d had in the house. Thankfully there were less than 40! Just ignore the number – it really doesn’t matter anyway. What did matter – was that the cake was delicious and we had a lot of fun eating it.



On Sunday, we hit up the Burlington Coat Factory around the corner from the hotel. And one of the most random but cool things that happened that weekend…  You see, it was the morning after the time change, and I hadn’t yet gotten to the clock in my van. So we got to Burlington Coat Factory with 10 minutes until they opened. We walked down the strip mall to see if anything else happened to be open already – and came upon Radio Shack. As an aside, I’d been searching the ads and online deals for the past few weeks to try and find a Nintendo DS for Hannah’s birthday. Last year I got a really good deal on one that I saved for Abby’s birthday in April, so I’d been hoping that the Black Friday deals would be as good this year for Hannah’s. But so far, the prices were still high – with the DS Lites sitting at $129 everywhere I’d checked. Until I walked into that Radio Shack – which was clearancing off the DS Lites for $97.49. I had a $100 budget for Hannah’s birthday, so even was able to squeeze in an accessory pack, on clearance for $3.97. That was absolutely the best deal I think I’ll find this year, and I’m so glad I was able to get Hannah the one thing she really wants for her birthday in a couple of weeks.

We shopped pretty much all day on Sunday – JoAnn Fabrics, Target, and more. We drove over to Fairlane Towne Center mall – originally just because the pretzels at Auntie Anne’s were sounding really good (and I had a birthday coupon for them). And we ended up walking around the mall for a while afterward, since we’d run out of time to visit Greenfield Village, as originally planned. But that was the nice thing about the weekend – although we’d had a few ideas of things to do, nothing was set in stone and we decided what to do based on what we felt like at the time. Neither of us bought a ton of things (neither of us could afford to), but just walking around with no kids in tow was so, so nice. We hit Boston Market for dinner before we each headed off back to our homes – and reality.  🙂

Debs40thBday_001Even the best planning can go awry – I meant to take a lot of pictures on this trip, but hardly managed any. And this is the only one we got of Mary and I together.

When I got home, the girls were in bed already, but my brother was in town and still up. He’d come in earlier in the day and spent an hour with Ron and the girls, then headed off to an event he had going on. Then he got back to the house right before I did, and he and I stayed up for some time talking. We don’t get a lot of time together to just talk, so that was really nice too. He had to head back to Ann Arbor fairly early the next morning, but squeezed in time for a few games of Uno with Becca before he left.

The girls were thrilled to see me when I got back, and I was happy to see them too. Even though the time away was good, and I had a lot of fun hanging out with Mary, I did miss my girls. And it was strange not being with them or Ron on my birthday. But it just made my birthday last longer, since we celebrated here at home afterward. And then Kristi took me out to lunch on Wednesday as well – and brought me a cake from the restaurant where we love to stop and get dessert when we go out shopping together at night. It was so nice to have time to sit and chat with her – we haven’t seen as much of each other lately, and I miss her and those shopping trips. I am so blessed to have a wonderful family and amazing friends who care about me.

Maybe 40 isn’t really so bad, after all.  🙂