Kids + Pets = Stink. But My House #SmellsClean Anyway. #sponsored

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Acorn Influence and SC Johnson. As always, all opinions stated here are 100% my own or those of my family.

Kids are smelly creatures, there’s no way around it. I remember the baby spit-up and dirty diapers of the early years, although our issue nowadays is the fragrant feet and bodies of my adolescents, who as much as I try, just cannot be bothered to take the 30 seconds to put on deodorant every day (anyone got a solution for this one?). Add kids in sports to the mix and the house becomes even harder to keep fresh every day.

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And then there are the pets, who add in the smells of everything from wet dog to used litter box… No matter how hard we try, sometimes it seems like we just can’t combat every bad smell all the time, and I hate having to sit and work all day in a house that, well to be honest, stinks. Sometimes pretty badly.

At least it used to. I really had never been one to use air fresheners very much, only fragrant candles here and there, but not even those since my oldest daughter was born since kids and fire definitely don’t mix. I tend not to like scents that are too ‘perfume-ish’ – I don’t even own any perfume and use only unscented products for our home and laundry due to allergy concerns. In fact, I generally have gone out of my way to avoid using products with scents, but what I didn’t realize was that all this did was leave our house open to every bad smell that then pervades the space, with no pleasant scents to combat them.

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A few weeks ago, I received a box of air freshener refills from SC Johnson for their #SmellsClean campaign – a mix of specific brands and types, including candles, wax melts, and scented oil refills, along with a $5 Walmart gift card. So, I went shopping and did something I’d never done before – I found the air care aisle, stopped and actually looked through all of the options available there. The mix of styles and scents was somewhat intimidating, but at least I knew what I needed – a scented oil warmer from Air Wick and/or Febreze, and a wax melt warmer from Glade. And then I came home, well-armed to fight the stink.

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The first spot I tackled, with scented oil warmer in hand, was my middle daughter’s bedroom. Hannah is the biggest culprit when it comes to smelly clothes piled up, and her room seems to be the dog’s go-to spot any time she decides that the house is a preferable bathroom spot than the backyard. Not that this happens often (the dog is generally very good), but when it does, Hannah’s carpeting is always her top choice. We clean spots as we find them, but we don’t always find them right away. So until we can replace Hannah’s carpet with hard flooring (it’s on the list), there’s always a pervasive doggy kind of smell in there.

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At least there used to be. Now it’s actually the best-smelling room in the house. And the scent drifts down the hallway so I catch it from time to time in the living room or kitchen. It’s a fresh, clean smell – not perfume-ish at all. And we’re coming up to my favorite time of year scent-wise – Thanksgiving and the winter holidays… I’ll keep using the Acadia scent in Hannah’s room, but I’ve already got my wax melt warmer set up in the kitchen, ready for the Pumpkin Pie melts to make my kitchen smell as if I actually do bake in there from time to time (shhhh).

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I know the stink isn’t gone of course – and we’ll do our best to combat it as always. One of these days, my girls will realize that deodorant isn’t optional, we’ll replace Hannah’s carpet and just maybe, the dirty socks will make it into the hamper before they hit the floor.

A mom can dream, right?