Kind of like holding Jell-o in an earthquake…

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I remember posting about this time last year about how crazy busy we were – even more so than when school was in session. It seemed like every class and activity I’d signed the girls up for all met during the same week and we spent the first couple of weeks after school let out running around here, there and everywhere.

Not so much this year – not because the girls’ activities don’t all meet in the same week or two, but because I haven’t been able to sign them up for anything. I usually have a garage sale in May that pays for all of that, but this year between poor weather, a busy last few weeks of school, and a garage that was a mess, the garage sale just hasn’t happened yet. And so I took the girls to their first week of the free supervised playground program this morning and felt horrible that Hannah will miss doing the cheerleading camp that she loves for the first time. This would’ve been Becca’s first year to join her too – which is one big reason why neither of them are going. I could maybe (just maybe) justify spending the money for one girl to go, but I can’t in good conscience pay for two of them when there are still bills that are late and unpaid this month.

Sigh. I hate making the big, grown-up decisions! Especially when it’s not me they impact, but the girls. They’ve had to hear ‘no’ a lot more this year than ever before and while it’s good for them to not expect to be able to do everything they want, I wish I could say ‘yes’ even a little more.

VisitToMarys-May2011 100But, I am very thankful for the free summer playground program that our town offers – and excited that Becca is finally old enough to be able to go with her sisters this year. Which is why I’m able to sit kid-free and get some things done this morning. Not at home though – even though the kids are gone for the morning, there’s still a very excitable, wiggly puppy there, who wants (and deserves) my attention. And most days I’ll probably be working at home in the mornings so I can give it to her. But today, on what feels like the ‘first’ day of summer vacation (since Ron was home all last week on vacation), I’m out taking advantage of free wi-fi out and about. And I fully expect to be deluged with puppy wiggles and kisses when I get home – Tessa gets so excited when she sees any of us after an absence, especially Ron and I. Trying to pick her up is difficult because she’s SO wiggly – yesterday Ron pointed out that it’s kind of like holding Jell-o. And I replied that it’s even worse than that – more like trying to hold Jell-o in an earthquake. At least for the first few minutes until she calms down.

Which is why, once I’m able to have a garage sale in the next week or two ( hopefully), it won’t be the girls who will get signed up for classes right afterward, but the puppy. She definitely is more than ready for obedience school! She also needs a good grooming and a trim – she’s kind of like a furry little whirlwind when she’s in a hurry. And she’s picked up the nickname ‘rag mop’ for good reason. 😉

And hey, the girls will get to do training classes WITH the puppy, so that will be something new and fun for them too.  🙂