Knitting Socks and Sweaters

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Along with my recent sewing projects, I’m still knitting as much as ever. It’s my go-to for keeping my hands busy when sitting in front of the TV in the evenings. I also keep a project in my purse, so that I can work on it when have a few spare moments when out and about. You can usually find me knitting socks. 🙂

I can usually be found knitting socks.

Yes, I knit in public – often. I knit at my kids’ sports practices, while waiting for school concerts to begin, in the car while waiting for one kid or another, hanging out at the mall while the kids are roaming around… Hmm, come to think of it, there’s a lot of knitting while ‘waiting’ in general. Usually for something kid-related.

I can usually be found knitting socks.

My ‘in the purse’ project is almost always a pair of ‘vanilla’ socks. They’re small and easily portable, and straight stockinette stitch is easy to work on without needing to use a lot of brainpower. I almost always have a pair of self-striping stockinette socks in my purse. I love bright colors and jewel tones, along with autumn shades.

Some of my sock projects involve a bit more in the way of patterning. Those are usually the sock projects that I’m working on at home, where I want something a bit more challenging. My evening knitting isn’t always socks though. I like to work on other accessories like cowls and hats. Or knitting projects for friends or family who are expecting. Baby hats or sweaters are fun to make. 🙂

I can usually be found knitting socks.

One thing I hadn’t attempted before was a full-sized sweater for myself. I’d made a couple for the kids when they were smaller, but not for me. But when I saw a class at my LYS (Local Yarn Store) for the Bookworm Cardigan, I was excited. A loose-fitting cardigan offers plenty of room for error in measuring or gauge. And it’s a worsted weight sweater, so doesn’t require as much yarn as other patterns. Plus, it’s a really pretty design.

I’ve been working on the sweater for the past couple of months and am almost done. Having the class sessions as deadlines really helped keep me motivated. And the instructor has been wonderful too.

I’m hoping to finish the second sleeve this week and be able to get a little bit of wear out of it before the weather gets too warm. As happy as I am about spring finally appearing, it’s not exactly conducive to wearing a thick wool sweater. But that’s ok, it’ll get plenty of use next winter and beyond. Just like the pair of socks that I finished this week too.

I can usually be found knitting socks.

And I can’t wait to look for more sweater patterns to try.