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Yesterday, I had a doctor’s appointment. It had been six months since my last appointment with my primary care physician. A lot has happened in that half-year.

When I had last seen him, my hip had just started bothering me. He looked at it and told me if it got worse to let him know. I was running and exercising regularly.

Six months can bring a lot of change. Post hip injury, I’ve lost fitness and gained weight. I now weigh more than I have ever before in my life. Part of me is screaming, “go out and do all the exercising! Must work out hard to lose the weight again!”. Then there’s the smarter part that is reminding me that I have to take it easy and slowly so as to not re-injure myself. Low impact exercises. Start slowly. No running yet.

I’ve noticed that I tend to go with the momentum. If I’m working out every day, I feel good and don’t have trouble getting out there. But if I’m sitting around, not exercising, it’s so much harder to get myself up and out to start. That’s one reason why I took such a long break from running a couple of years ago. And why I’ve been worried ever since I first injured my hip. I was at such a GOOD place physically six month ago, and I knew that if I lost that momentum I’d lose motivation too. Especially over the winter when it’s cold and dark and dreary.

Last week I pushed a little too hard and could feel a slight ache in my hip. So I took an extended break over the weekend. Lost the momentum again. Then our busy schedule this week worked against me and I couldn’t get out on Monday or Tuesday. I planned to go to yoga on Wednesday evening. But ended up having to rescue Ron and Finn after one of our vehicles broke down. Yesterday was busy again with my doctor appointment and school conferences.

This weekend I’ll be out of town, and I’ll be gone all next week as well. I’m hoping that I can get some exercise in while I’m traveling next week. If nothing else, I’ll be on my feet a lot and should get in a lot of steps each day.

The week after that? Bring it on. The weather’s turning nicer – finally. And I know I can build that momentum up again to get back into working out regularly. Slowly and easily, yes. It’s not a race. And I’m still so scared of re-injury. But every little bit helps. Helps lose pounds, and helps gain fitness back. And overall, helps me to get and stay healthier again.

I WILL get there.