More Wednesday pics and my first video upload!

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Not quite so wordless this time, LOL.

Here are Abby and Hannah with their ice cream cones from the same day that the Becca pics were taken:

Tonight the big girls were working on craft stuff – Hannah was finishing up a foam star hanging bead thing that she started at daycare a few days ago, and Abby was making (attempting) a house out of paper. Becca decided she wanted to get involved too, so I got out her chubby crayons and taped a piece of paper to the table for her. She actually ‘colored’ quite a bit! For the first time, really, she made an actual ‘picture’, even if it is just scribbles. I was very proud of her. Here’s some pics of her coloring – and a video if I can get it to work right. It’s cute – she’s showing off her climbing and vocabulary skills as well.

Ok, trying to get the video up on YouTube – I’ll put it on here later if successful…

Think I’ve got it now – hopefully this will work! Sorry it’s turned sideways – haven’t figured out how to fix that yet…