My First Tackle It Tuesday!

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Tackle It Tuesday Meme
Well, it’s not quite Tuesday anymore, but this is the first chance I’ve had tonight to post, so I’m going to anyway. I did squeeze out a few minutes earlier to work on my very first “Tackle It Tuesday” projects! These are just small areas of my kitchen, but they are areas that I’ve been wanting to get straightened up for a while now.

Here’s the top of the fridge before I got out the stepladder so I could reach the top and finally straighten it up:
And here’s the result afterward. Almost everything is still up there, just a lot better organized:

The other thing that I tackled was this counter area that seems to always end up as a ‘catch all’ for mail, kids’ drawings, toys and other miscellaneous stuff that I don’t know where else to put. I’ve wanted to get it cleared off for months now. Here is the ‘before’:
And the after. Now I just need to keep it this way!
This is the counter area that I ran out of time to tackle today. Maybe next Tuesday!
This was fun and really helped me to get to those tasks that always seem so overwhelming before when I looked at it in terms of cleaning the entire kitchen at once. Tackling just a couple of portions really made a big difference and didn’t take all that long. Interesting, huh!