My girls are #Crayola VIPs – Very Important Pixies, that is…

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Wow, what a whirlwind of a day… The kind that hardly seems like it ever even happened now that it’s just about over, and only the city traffic noise outside our hotel room window – not to mention the amazing room I’m sitting in as I write this, remind me that this is real, and not just a dream.

This isn’t so much a blog post as really a journal entry to remember and document the trip, so I warn you that it is long and includes a lot of photos. Read on at your own risk…  😉

We set off on our adventure this morning by heading out to the local airport. We parked in the economy lot, so had to wait for a shuttle to take us to our terminal…


When we arrived, we discovered that our flight was delayed. This immediately worried me, because we already had a tight timeline for our layover in Detroit – less than 45 minutes. And when I spoke to the gate agent, he confirmed that there was likely no way we’d make that connecting flight to NYC. So, he checked around and ended up re-routing us onto a flight that was leaving immediately for Cincinnati instead – the girls and I rushed to board and were seated at the very back of the airplane. In fact, it was such a small plane that there were only 2 seats per row on each side of the aisle, leaving my oldest a row ahead and across the aisle from my 7-year-old and I. But it worked out ok and the short flight went smoothly.

PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_109 PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_108

We ended up with a 2-hour layover in Cincinnati though, which actually worked out just fine. We sat and finished our lunch that I’d packed and brought with us, and browsed through a few of the stores in what my daughters were calling the ‘airport-slash-mall’ because they were so amazed at all of the stores and restaurants we saw. They especially loved the Vera Bradley bags, and pretty much everything they saw at the kids’ store. I did break down and let them each buy a book at Borders though – my older daughter picked out a jumbo Mad Libs book and her sister bought the chapter book novelization of the movie ‘Tangled’ that we saw a few days ago.

PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_002 PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_006

PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_018 PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_017

PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_015 PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_008

We made it to our gate and had about 45 minutes until boarding. The girls passed the time by playing their Nintendo DS games (we’d given my almost-8-year-old hers as an early birthday gift just so she’d have it for this trip), and I knitted. The second flight was on a much bigger plane – and not only were we able to all sit in the same row, but it was the very front row in coach, so we had extra leg room as well. The girls read, played DS games, wrote in their journals, and did Mad Libs – until we started descending into New York. Then it was all about looking out the windows, to pick out the tall buildings of Manhattan. It was just getting dark, and seeing the big city all lit up was gorgeous.

PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_114 PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_021

PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_118 PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_025

When we arrived, we hurried to meet our ride and headed into the city to our hotel. We are staying literally right in the heart of Times Square! Our room is on the 29th floor and gives us a perfect view of the M&M World store – just one of many places the girls are dying to see. We should have time tomorrow night to do some sightseeing – I’m anticipating a very late night out, but it’ll be worth it for the girls to see as much as they can while we’re here. We leave very early in the morning on Sunday.

PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_033 PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_039

Because of our delay, re-routing and 2-hour layover, we ended up arriving a couple of hours later than planned in New York. So it was kind of a mad dash to get to the hotel, get checked in and up to our room, change clothes and make it downstairs for the Pop Art Pixies VIP Premiere Party. The girls were so excited to get into their new outfits that we’d bought last weekend and head down for food, crafts, new friends – and a whole lot of fun!

PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_044 PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_045

After dinner (lots of kid-friendly food like miniature pizzas, french fries and hot pretzels), everyone was invited to take part in making 3 of the new Pop Art Pixies craft projects. The girls and I decorated aluminum water bottles, then they painted wooden birdhouse wind chimes and decorated glass plates via decoupage. They had so much fun! Everyone we’ve met has been amazing, and we shared a table with Kimberly from Raising Olives and 4 of her beautiful daughters, the youngest of whom is the sweetest baby I think I’ve ever seen. I’m foreseeing major baby fever by the time the weekend is over… 😉


The girls loved it all – the chance to meet and mingle with other girls near their ages, the music (everyone had offered up a few favorite song titles to make a playlist for the evening), the food (especially the ice cream sundae bar for dessert!), but it was the Pop Art Pixies crafts themselves which were the biggest hit by far. These projects are really so easy to do and they make things that are not only useful (like the water bottles) but beautiful as well. They allow the girls to express their own creativity and individuality. Which can be seen from how differently each of them decorated her crafts.

PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_061 PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_075

As always, my younger daughter was extremely thorough in her painting and decorating – covering every possible square inch of surface.

PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_128 PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_089

While my oldest daughter threw everything together with only a slight game plan in mind, but it all came out beautifully in the end.

PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_132 PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_067

Not being gifted with artistic ability, I chose to try one of the stencils that came with the water bottles, with limited success. I still like how it turned out though, and added a few touches of my own afterward.

PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_064 PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_066

The whole group did an amazing job – it was so much fun to see what they all chose to decorate their items with!

PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_084 PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_083

The Pop Art Pixies are four individual characters – Skye, Naomi, Maya and Tatum, who each enjoy a different side of arts and crafts. Skye loves nature, Naomi is the music-loving one, Maya is the artist and Tatum loves to cook. Each of the Pixies’ personalities are woven into not only the different craft kits, but the website as well. Kids can make their own avatars on the site, learn about the Pixies and the craft products and more. The girls got the chance to pose as the different Pixies at the party and they loved it!


PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_052 PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_057

We are having such an incredible time so far and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us tomorrow!


After the party, we headed back up to our room and the girls had a little bit of down time to let the excitement and energy wear off before bed. It’s been so nice to have this time with just the two of them – I don’t always get to focus on the ‘big girls’ so much when their little sister is around. It’s awesome to have this mom-daughters time together.

PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_102 PopArtPixiesVIPEvent-Day1_100

Both girls are asleep now, which is where I am headed as well, once I’m done writing this. More to come after tomorrow’s adventures…  🙂

This post courtesy of: Crayola and Coyne PR, who invited us to the event, is covering all of our travel accommodations, and provided gift cards for shopping and incidentals, as well as samples of the products to try. All opinions given here are solely my own or those of my family.