My (kids’) summer vacation

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So this is what my kids are up to so far this summer…

Abby is loving going to supervised playground – especially the swimming on Tuesdays and the field trips on Thursdays. Today they’re having an Easter Egg hunt in a local park. Easter Egg hunting in June – how fun! It’s something for her to look forward to every week, which helps her immensely. She’ll miss next week due to daycare vacation and the holiday but I think there will be enough going on at home that she won’t miss it as much.

Hannah – can I just say that we’ve gone almost 2 entire weeks now with only one wet accident!! The timer is working extremely well even though I haven’t been so good yet at giving her the MiraLax. And the only day that she had an accident was Sunday, when I wasn’t doing very well with setting the timer to go off every 2 hours. It’s working great at daycare (I hope I’m not jinxing anything by saying this) so far too and she hasn’t had an accident there since we started using it. Way to go, Hannah! And I’m very proud that she doesn’t seem to be jealous of the fun things that Abby gets to do at supervised playground – it helps that Brook does a project with them at daycare every day too.

Becca can put on her own sandals! This blows me away since she’s not even 18 months old yet. She’s also our first climber – I keep finding her on top of the kitchen table or standing on the chairs. She can climb onto the bottom (Hannah’s) bunk in the girls’ room and is just so darn proud of her little self. She’s even trying to put on her own clothes (and everyone else’s too) with some pretty hilarious results. I really need to get the camera out for some of those. She’s also getting a lot more verbal and using more recognizable words than her previous ‘grunt and point’ method. She’s growing up so fast…

So we’re making it through the summer so far. Even though they still have to get up at 6:30am every day for daycare instead of the lazy, sleep-in summer days I remember from growing up. Actually, that’s probably not such a bad thing since the fall will be much less of a shock than I usually had once I had to completely re-adjust my sleep schedule back to the early rising. And the girls are up early even on the weekends when they are able to sleep in – and Mommy and Daddy want to sleep in!

Only 2 months left until school begins.