New digs!

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Wow, it’s been a couple of years since I had a brand-new baby blog to get excited about. I’m so happy to have created this space though – as my little spot to talk all things knitting and yarn.  🙂

By way of introduction, my name is Deb and I’m also known around the blogosphere as ‘Mom of 3 Girls’, due to my blog of the same name – which I’ve long thought was the most boring blog name ever. But, it’s too late to change it now, after 3 years. It’s part of who I am. I put a little more thought into the name of my second blog when I began it 2 years ago – Just a mom’s take on things… is a name that I’m actually very proud of. And it fits what that blog is for me – a place to talk about what I think. About products, websites, and more. But since I’m certainly not an expert by any means – it’s ‘just’ my opinion. For what that’s worth. And I love sharing it over there.

I’ve started both of my other blogs in the month of May, so maybe that’s why I suddenly started feeling restless and like I was boring my usual blog readers when I would go on about my latest knitting project. After all, they’re generally not knitters so I never wanted to go into too much detail about what latest technique I’d learned or my frustration with a certain pattern.

That’s what this site is for.

Yes, I’m a geek – and the thought of having 3 separate blogs is a bit intimidating, even to me. But the purpose of this site isn’t to have high stats or really even increase readership. It’s simply to have a dedicated place to write about knitting (or crocheting or whatever else is on my mind craft-wise). And if like-minded people happen to show up and maybe chime in – well, the more the merrier.  🙂

So welcome! So far I’ve brought in a few posts over from Mom of 3 Girls – ones that were specifically knitting-related. I’ll still post general project information over there, but keep the geeky yarn talk – and the gruesome details (lol) over here for the most part.

I’m glad to be here.