(Not At All) Wordless Wednesday #204 – Extreme Sports, Bowling Edition

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Bowling – it’s not for the faint-hearted. I mean you’re talking lifting heavy objects and swinging them around, all while wearing shoes that not only get worn by hundreds of other people, but which have never gone out of style only because they never have been IN style to begin with.

BowlingWithMom&Donnie-Aug2011 005

And yes, bowling injuries are fairly common. I myself suffered from the ‘foot squeezed into shoes 2 sizes too small’ syndrome just last week when my mom and brother were in town and our perfectly planned beach day was rained out. And in the past I’ve had blistered fingers or a jammed thumb from time to time.

Yes, I’ve bowled a lot. What of it? 😉

BowlingWithMom&Donnie-Aug2011 001

But, risks aside, bowling is a good family activity and one where we’ve felt plenty safe in taking our children to participate. And the girls have done very well. As long as there are bumpers on the lanes, anyway.

On this trip, we put the adults and kids on separate lanes (the whole bumper issue…) and everyone was having a fun time. Until halfway through the second game…

BowlingWithMom&Donnie-Aug2011 010

Boom. My poor husband had gone up to the front counter (something about Becca throwing, or rather dropping, a ball that we didn’t think would actually make it to the pins…) and when he came back it was his turn to bowl. He picked up his ball and threw it – and ended up flat on his face when his foot stuck and he couldn’t stop his forward momentum.

Ron is a big guy, and he went down hard. Still, he seemed uninjured and even finished the game. It wasn’t until the next day that his ribs began to hurt. And then they got worse the next day, and the next… To the point where he could hardly move. He finally went into the doctor almost a week after our bowling trip, only to find out that it’s most likely a cartilage injury and there’s nothing he can do except give it time and let it heal. And take lots of Motrin.

BowlingWithMom&Donnie-Aug2011 017

Which he has been doing – and finally, today, his ribs are starting to feel a little bit better instead of worse. Thankfully.

But somehow I don’t think he’ll be going bowling again any time soon.

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