One down, two to go…

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Continued from last post

Daddy returned, minus one Abby but having convinced Hannah and Becca that there was much fun to be had outside.


However, Becca was not impressed with the hill.

She immediately headed for the swings. Which took her a while since the snow was a bit too deep for little legs and she would not keep her mittens on. It’s very difficult to explain to a 2-year-old that the reason her hands keep getting cold and snowy is because she keeps pulling off those annoying things that Mommy and Daddy put on her hands…



While Becca was learning that swinging is more of a warm-weather activity, Hannah thoroughly enjoyed the hill.


Having given up on the swing, Becca decided that watching Hannah from the top of the hill and applauding was fun.


And Daddy got her back on the sled for one last trip down the hill.


Nope, still not terribly impressed. And with very cold, frozen little hands, it was time to take our littlest sledder back inside to warm up.


Hannah stayed out for a while longer, but the lateness of the evening finally got to her and she came inside for warmth and dinner.


I think I need to find Becca some new mittens before we try any more outside activities!