One week down

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TessaSleepingOnNewToy 001So we’ve officially been a puppy-filled household for a week now. And really not a whole lot has changed since my previous post. Tessa is doing really well – she’s such a little sweetheart and I already can’t imagine our lives without her. Today she turns 8 weeks old.

She’s finally eating on a regular basis – although for some reason she won’t take any food out of her dish, or any other bowl (or plate) that we’ve tried. She’ll only eat the food directly off of the floor. I’m not sure if she’s scared of her shiny metal bowl or what – but Ron even tried putting food on a paper plate and she wouldn’t touch it there either. For now I’m just happy that she’s finally eating – but hopefully we can get her to eat out of her bowl soon so we don’t have to keep pieces of food on the floor for her, that keep getting scattered all over the kitchen.

Housebreaking has been going relatively well – she has had a few accidents in the house, but they’ve been pretty rare, thankfully. At least so far. She was already used to going outside when she came to us – the family that raised her litter was taking the puppies out regularly and I think that made a big difference. She does generally whine or whimper when she has to go out – but sometimes it’s hard to tell if she’s whining because of that or for some other reason, like she wants to play or to be held or petted. We are trying to teach her to ring some bells that we hung by the door when she needs to go out, but she hasn’t picked that up yet.

Sleep is somewhat hit or miss – she does sleep in her crate for at least a few hours every night though. And she doesn’t cry much at all in her crate, except when she wakes up and needs to go outside. I’m not really sure if we’re doing the crate training thing right though – we’re only putting her in it at night – otherwise she sleeps on ‘her ‘blanket on the living room floor or on someone’s lap. She’s still sleeping a lot during the day, but she is still only a baby. I know that’ll change as she gets older. Generally she’s been waking up anywhere between 5 and 7:30am, ready to play. This week that’s been hard since the girls and I don’t have to get up for school – but starting next week we’ll be getting up around then anyway.

She definitely needs a bath – something we’re planning to try for the first time tomorrow. She’s a smelly little puppy right now. 😉

Tessa loves to play with the girls – and they love to play with her too. So far our biggest challenge is trying to teach her that hands, feet and pant cuffs aren’t chew toys – any advice about that (or any other puppy topics) would be a huge help if you have some! My fingers, toes and pants would definitely appreciate it. 🙂

I’m hoping that the weather will improve soon so we can take her outside to play more. Ron, Abby and Becca took Tessa for her first walk yesterday evening while Hannah and I were at soccer practice and they wore her out really well. I can’t wait until we can be outside more on a regular basis! And I’m hoping that we can find some way to make a deck happen in the back yard this summer – right now we have to take her out in the front since there’s no easy way to get out to the back.

Overall, things are going well though – she’s still a tiny little thing and so much fun. We’ll find out at her next vet appointment next week how much she’s grown since we got her. She’ll likely end up somewhere between 12 and 19 pounds (the sizes of her dad and mom) when she’s done growing but as of the end of March she was only 3-1/2 pounds.