Phew, my blog is back!

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Thursday Thirteen header graphicWow, it’s so nice to actually see my content again, instead of just a very pretty blank site.  After a few frustrating days, I finally was able to work with the hosting company to get everything back where it belongs. And I also have to give a big shout-out to Ron, who spent a couple of evenings giving up his very limited free time to help out.  He’s the one who solved the actual issues I was having originally.

Thank you, sweetie!  🙂

And so, here I am back to ‘normal’, and I don’t even know exactly where to begin after almost a week off from blogging regularly. I figured I could come up with a Thursday Thirteen list of updates – if I can only remember what they all are.  🙂

I’ll try to just hit the high points – I promise.  I’ve got a few photos and stories that I’ll include with more details later on in other posts so this one doesn’t get huge.

#1 – Kristi and I went to see “The Women” on Friday night – I really liked the movie, and it was so much fun to actually see a movie at a theater again, for the first time in at least a year (oh, and look for a review of the movie coming up over on my review site).

#2 – Soccer last Saturday – both girls’ teams lost. I however, found a great way to keep Becca amused through back-to-back games. That ‘My First Leap Pad’ is a wonderful thing. Abby and Hannah’s games are at the exact same time this coming Saturday. Should be an interesting feat of logistics to watch both.

#3 – The circus! I’m not sure if it really is “The Greatest Show On  Earth”, but we definitely had a good time. Abby’s favorite thing = collecting the pieces of tissue paper confetti that wafted all over the arena.  Hannah’s favorites? Were the horses and performing dogs – no surprise there. But she didn’t like the circus at all. At least that’s what she says. All I know is that for someone who ‘didn’t like’ the circus – she sure was squealing, clapping and grinning for just about all of it.  😉

#4 – Ron ended up with Monday off so we could deal with some things that we needed to get done. Since he hadn’t spent much time with the girls since school started, we took Hannah out to lunch at her favorite restaurant (Pizza Hut), and he took Abby to dinner at her favorite (Taco Bell).

#5 – One of the things that we had to take care of was having someone come over and give us an estimate on waterproofing our basement. All of the rain a couple of weeks ago caused some major leakage, and we’ve got mold on the drywall behind where Ron just took the baseboards off. Thankfully the flooding wasn’t nearly as bad as it could’ve been and we didn’t lose any furniture or other belongings (there isn’t much over in the area where it leaks) – and our neighbors are letting us borrow a dehumidifier to at least get everything dried out down there for now.

#6 – Four cats is WAY too many. Which we’ve known, and we’re still looking for another home for our one adult cat. Unfortunately she’s the one who has something against using the litterbox, so I have no idea how to even go about finding somewhere for her to go. But we’ve got to do something soon – I’m not going to put up with this whole litterbox issue for much longer. We’ve tried everything we can think of with no success.

#7 – No more babies for Snuggly – ever.  She finally got ‘fixed’ this week.  Thank goodness.

#8 – I got all of the rest of the fall and winter clothes sorted out, washed and put away in the girls’ rooms. Now that it’s back up in the 70’s and 80’s every day, of course.

#9 – Abby got herself dressed this morning – in a long-sleeved shirt, and corduroy pants. The forecast called for it to get up to 82 degrees today.  Out of worry that she’d end up with heatstroke, I made her change.  She was not happy about that.

#10 – The new fall television season has started.  I’m still not caught up with the rest of the summer shows that I watch yet!  Thank goodness for DVRs.

#11 – I’ve learned a lot more about sql databases, ‘g-zipped’ files and php. I’ve also learned just how very much I don’t know about all of those things.

#12 – The girls had back-to-back soccer practices tonight. Which meant that I spent two hours being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Has everyone else noticed how much worse they are than usual?! Bug spray is now on my list of ‘must-haves’ for all soccer-related activities.

#13 – I’m very, very happy to have my blog back – I missed it!  Thank you to all of you who still came around to leave a comment even with very little here to comment on. And thank you to Stephanie at E-insites, Shera, Ron and everyone else who helped or tried to help with everything this week.

Here’s a bonus #14 that I discovered when I tried to post this from my laptop… Apparently at some point my hosting company must have re-installed WordPress today – but didn’t give me the new password. It’s logged out on my laptop and I can’t get back in at the moment.  Thankfully the desktop computer is still logged in, so I just have to make sure not to log out until I can get the new password from them – they seem to have disabled the ‘e-mail function’ too, so I can’t get WordPress to e-mail me the new password (probably why I didn’t get an e-mail when it got changed to begin with too).  Sigh. Oh well – at least I can get this post up!  🙂

Edited to add – I am an idiot! At least mostly… It only took me another hour to realize that since I can access my blog from this computer, I also can change the password as well… Definitely time to call it a night, I think.  😉

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