Tackle It Tuesday #24 – Pardon the dust…

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I did it! I’ve made the switch from Blogger to WordPress… I’m still just learning my way around over here, so please excuse the mess while I get acclimated. I’m hoping that everything (feed subscriptions, links, etc.) should all still work correctly, but if you run into any errors please let me know.

I think all of my previous posts have made the move over here, but I’ll be fixing internal links and anything else that’s gone awry over the next few weeks. This was a very annoying educational process, involving both Ron and I spending quite a bit of time on it over the weekend, yesterday and today. Is it worth it? I’ll have to let you know… 🙂

I know that I need to adjust widths of sidebar items and I want to play around with the template a bit – this was just something I picked out quickly to start off with. So you may see some further changes down the road – just please bear with me. Thanks!

Edited to add – this is my ‘tackle’ for the week… 🙂