Pink splotches

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Hmmm, I woke up this morning covered in pink splotches. They don’t itch, they don’t seem to be spreading, they just… are. It’s very interesting actually – I’ve spent way more time inspecting them today at work than I probably should be. And they’re everywhere – arms, legs, stomach, back. If I weren’t so freckled and splotchy in general, it would probably be a lot more noticeable on my face and arms – so far nobody’s noticed to the extent of actually asking me if I’m ok. Or maybe they just think that this is a new look for me – who knows…

I did call the doctor, just in case this turns out to be some new type of plague or incredibly contagious in some fashion. I had gone into the doctor on Friday for what I thought was probably another of the myriad of sinus infections that I get – I’d felt tired and lethargic since Tuesday, had no appetite and a horrible headache. All of which usually signals a sinus infection although my sinuses didn’t actually seem too bad this time. The doctor couldn’t find much but (since I was pretty sure something was wrong) she did give me a prescription for an antibiotic, but suggested that I wait to fill it and see if I felt better over the weekend. I did feel better, so I never filled the prescription. So I explained all of that to the nurse today since I don’t know if this mystery rash is related to how I was feeling last week or not. When they called back, I was told it was probably a reaction to the medication (apparently the fact that I didn’t fill the prescription didn’t get relayed) or something viral. They didn’t think it would be any more contagious than a cold, which is good news for my co-workers and family, I guess. I’m supposed to keep an eye on it (hard not to do) and call them back if it gets worse or starts itching. Ok. So until then, or until it decides to go away, I guess I just get to be pink and splotchy all over!